After getting a really expensive electric bill, she decides it's time to cut back. Here's what she did.

Anna Lee  |  MY
Published 2015-12-28 14:45:56

Electricity bills tend to skyrocket during the festive season, and it is definitely a heartache to observe the bills as they are posted monthly to one’s household. Most would sigh as they prepare the payment for the bill, but one Malaysian wife took matters into her own hands as she decided that it would be a fun experiment to see how she could reduce the household electricity bill.

A recent Facebook post by Liyana Syazwani showed how she shaved off more than 80% off her original electricity bill. It all started back in the month of June when she received a whopping bill of RM205. Noting this, she was conscious of her electricity usage, which ultimately dwindled down as the months went by. Her most recent bill in December totaled up to an amount less than RM40.

Image Credit: Liyana Syazwani Facebook page
Image Credit:
Liyana Syazwani Facebook page

How Did She Do It?

The huge reduction didn’t come by without some concerted effort from the entire household. The way Liyana did it was by switching off and unplugging all her unused plugs, every single time. For instance, she said on her Facebook post, “If you use (a) stand fan, unplug the plug when you want to leave the bedroom. Although you need to use it again after few hours. Haha.”

Image Credit: Mason Bros Construction
Image Credit: Mason Bros Construction

It made sense how Liyana’s household electricity bill lessened overtime as she utilised this simple trick. She added that air conditioners and other home appliances should be used as and when needed. Hence, by removing the plug from the switch instead of just turning off the switch itself, it would be a great money saving tip, especially for those with exorbitantly high bills.

In fact, the only plugs which Liyana does not unplug in her home are the fridge, thermo pot and mosquito repellant. Liyana shared her experiment on Facebook captioning it along with a, “Just sharing our experiment, all the best.”

You can read Liyana’s full post on her successful experiment below:

It is a smart move for 2016 to mirror what Liyana and her family did, because just about everyone can afford to have a reduction in their bills, and the best way to start is with one’s own home.

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