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Published 2014-10-14 16:00:28

A few days ago I had the privilege of attending a special media screening for Fit For Fashion, a new Reality TV Show premiering on StarWorld all across Asia on October 16. So ahead of its release I thought I would just give you a quick preview of what to expect, as not only is the concept incredibly original, but it also proved to be hugely inspirational to the contestants I spoke to and thus no doubt will to many audiences as well.

Billed as being Asia’s first fitness and fashion reality show, the series was filmed at the luxurious Tanjung Jara Resort in Malaysia and each episode sees contestants taking part in both a fitness and survival challenge with the weakest performer being eliminated each week. Fit For Fashion is produced by Imagine Group (the same producers behind hit shows The Contender Asia, The Biggest Loser Asia, and The Apartment), in partnership with Fitness First and Fox International Channels, and the eventual winner will walk away not only with a huge US$100,000 cash prize, but also a new lust for life and a greater belief in themselves following the gruelling challenges faced each week.

As President and Founder of Imagine Group Entertainment, Riaz Mehta, explained to us at the screening, fitness is becoming a fashion statement in its own right and it also gives people the confidence, energy and self-esteem to improve their lives. This, he said, formed the basis for the show’s underlying philosophy and his desire is that each episode will inspire viewers to emulate the contestant’s achievements by making fitness part of their lives.

On the subject of contestants, all twelve were handpicked after an exhaustive open casting call and social media process that lasted more than four months. Whilst they all live and work in Asia, in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Hong Kong and the Philippines, they all come from varying walks of life; thus their struggles with fitness and fashion all inspire in different ways. Ranging from a 33-year-old mother of three, to a 32-year-old army veteran, to a 19-year-old interior design student and self-confessed introvert, all the contestants bring with them their own set of personal obstacles that they are forced to overcome in order to progress in the competition.

Image Credit: Fit for Fashion
Image Credit: Fit for Fashion

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There’s help and guidance provided every step of the way though, thanks to celebrity trainers Christine Bullock and Mitch Chilson, and renowned fashion photographer Todd Anthony Tyler, all of whom are no strangers to the small screen and who help to impart valuable advice to the often struggling contestants. Working in collaboration with Fitness First, Christine and Mitch’s goal is to use innovate new training and fitness programs to help get contestants fitter and further than they ever thought possible, and this was evident from the very first episode, with most of the twelve’s initial fitness tests leaving a lot to be desired!

It was also incredibly telling to notice how many of the contestants initially felt rather uncomfortable in the fashion challenges, but for 33-year-old Citira, the underlying factor was confidence. And so as her fitness levels improved, so did her level of comfort in front of the camera. When you’re fit and feeling confident about your body, she explained, then you also have the confidence to wear what you want and you look so much better about it as a result.

Image Credit: Fit for Fashion
Image Credit: Fit for Fashion

For 19-year-old Ming, the aforementioned self-confessed introvert, it was also the overcoming of these psychological barriers that initially proved to be the toughest challenge. As a student who would often hide in baggy t-shirts and her beaten up Converse, she says she lacked the self-belief that she could ever complete the fitness and fashion challenges that were required of her. Yet with Mitch and Christine’s help she finally realized that instead of saying “no, no, no”, she could actually say “yes, yes, yes” and she hopes that this provides inspiration to viewers who might also think that fitness and fashion confidence might be beyond them.

Image Credit: Fit for Fashion
Image Credit: Fit for Fashion

For all the contestants, the transformation in their fitness levels since the start of the show has not only helped them to build confidence but also empowered them to become better versions of themselves. So for inspiration to help undertake your own personal Fit For Fashion journey, then make sure you tune into the first episode on October 16 on StarWorld!

To learn a whole lot more about the show you can also visit their website which features in-depth information on all of the contestants and celebrities as well as a variety of interactive contests and competitions.

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