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Looking for a way to engage your friends or customers?

Campaign is a platform that supports brands, individuals and organizations in reaching out and generating awareness. It focuses primarily on photo-based competitions as a photo is an fun and efficient medium. Taking a picture of your meal, outfit or activity and sending it to the campaign makes you eligible to winning attractive prizes.

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To date, Campaign has hosted over 30 photo competition campaigns since their launch in December. The company charge a flat fee to companies to launch campaigns which includes consultation, design work and technical services. Part of the fees is also used to offset the cost of hosting the pictures on their website.

To better illustrate this, a recent example of a campaign running on Campaign.com is the #OOTDCampaign. Supported by beauty brand Sephora, users stand a chance to win a Solitaire Diamond Ring (worth $10,000) when they snap and share a photo of themselves, submitting it onto the competition.


Vulcan Post speaks to Feline Gondokusumo, one of the creator for the photo contest platform to find out more.

Is the market for photo competition large? Are there a lot of brands utilizing this as a marketing gimmick?

Yes, the wide and repeated adoption of this marketing tool by brands large and small is a clear endorsement to the effectiveness of photo competitions. A conventional ad without a digital call to action is one that decreases the potential social multiplier effect. Each photo becomes a personal marketing pitch which is much better suited to reach the increasingly diverse market. Moreover, we will keep the campaign with all the entries on our site. So unlike most other online marketing initiatives it wouldn’t disappear after a certain number of views or clicks.

Could you share some successful campaign stories with us?

The Formosa Delights campaign is definitely one that I would like to point out. It is a local Taiwanese food chain primarily in food courts around Singapore. They decided to launch a series of monthly campaigns for 2014 with a Taiwan trip grand prize to be picked from the lucky monthly winners. Rewarding satisfied customers who sends in pictures to join the campaign is a clear win for both the company and their customers.

formosa delights

Tell us more about your team, and why did you start Campaign.

Campaign started as me and my sister was looking for an opportunity to work together. Her love of taking pictures led us to Campaign.

Notice that you have a premium domain name. Could you tell us how did you get the domain, and did it help a lot in generating traffic?

We decided that having the Campaign domain was important to give confidence to both campaign organizers and participants. Your Campaign URL is also quickly understood without diverting attention to your brand.

Author’s note: Campaign definitely looks like an interesting platform for brands and businesses to reach out to more audiences. A platform I’ll definitely use.

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