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Powerful ads are what resonates most with the public. Sometimes, it need not even be in a language that we understand.

The power of moving images is far more important, and knowing this, these 10 Malaysian brands created adverts that have were most popular with Malaysians in 2015, making these gems their favourite ones on YouTube.

Here are the top 10 Malaysian YouTube ads in 2015.

10. 刀标油感人短片 – 加油 | Add Oil 

Add Oil is a 10-minute long video by media agency Gapture and Knife Cooking Oil. It epically starts off with the main female character stating, “In the eyes of my mother, I am unimportant”, and has drawed in more than half a million views thus far.

9. Pelangi Cinta: Webisod 2 – Cinta Berputik

Cinta Berputik is the 2nd webisode in the series, Pelangi Cinta, by shampoo brand Clear Malaysia. It was produced by media agency, Mindshare, and it details how character Sam needs all the confidence he can get in order to win the heart of Juliana, and bounces off the thought, “Does a second chance truly exist?”

8. 2015 Honda HR-V – See Amazing From Every Angle

Car lovers would appreciate this 30-second advert, and those who aren’t familiar with the vehicle, could also appreciate the effort taken to produce the grand video of the 2015 Honda HR-V. This advert was created by media company, Dentsu Media and creative company, Dentsu Utama.

7. Watch the Minions get up to their usual mischief!

No matter the age, most people could resonate with the Minion character from the movie, Despicable Me. In this advert by cereal brand Koko Krunch, it shows the minions being playful with the cereal box, laughing as they toss it around. This advert was created by media company Mindshare, and creative company, Illumination Entertainment.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note5 : Official Introduction

Most cellphone adverts feature a sleek background and clean white spaces. This advert by Samsung is no different, and it somehow makes the Galaxy Note 5 all the more desirable. Perhaps this is exactly why Malaysians could resonate with this advert created by media company, Starcom.

5. 恭喜發財: Grannies Sing Ohhsome Hotlink CNY Song!

This advert by Hotlink is one that is localised and shows how a few grandmothers start singing the Ohhsome Hotlink CNY song cheerily. This advert by media company Mindshare, and creative company APD was sang in several different languages, hence making it engaging for the masses.

4. [Raya 2015] Iklan Aidilfitri Astro Kosong Kosong – Kisah Benar Herman

This heartwarming commercial is bound to bring tears to ones eyes as even the main character begins to cry in the video. Made just in time for the Raya festive season, this advert by Astro Gempak was created by media company, Mindshare, and creative company Naga.

3. FITRAH, A Malaysian Story – #bettertomorrow – Hari Raya 2015 Short Film

“Challenges and adversity are certain in life but cherish the moments and always look ahead towards a better tomorrow” is how Malaysia Airlines described their close to 10-minute long video. It was created by media company, Rally Malaysia and creative company, AELEA Films.

2. #PETRONASRaya 2015: Sampai Hati

This short advert by Petronas is about an aspiring filmmaker and a stern army man, who happen to be brothers. It is a close to 7-minute long cinematic approach by media company, Zenith, and creative company, Leo Burnett.

1. BLESSINGS, A Malaysian story – #keepflying – Chinese New Year 2015 short film

This advert by Malaysia Airlines follows Mary Anne as she shares her tale and finds it in her heart to view the blessings in everything during the festive Chinese New Year season.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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