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I don’t mean to sound cliché, but who doesn’t like to receive a surprise bouquet of flowers especially during Valentine’s Day? However, with hefty price tags and run-of-the-mill bouquet arrangements, it is not difficult to see why many turn down the idea of sending flowers.

Local Singaporean start-up The Enchanted Tree wants to change all that, and doesn’t want anything to stand in the way of your blooming happiness – even during this Valentine season.

‘Very often we hear that flowers are so expensive that they decide not to send at the end of the day. We want to offer people an option for something simple, yet nicely put together and ultimately customisable so that they do not have to think twice before ordering,’ says Chong, founder of the new online florist.

Even though The Enchanted Tree has only opened their doors recently in October 2015, they have already gathered a strong following on their Facebook account with some 4,600 followers and counting.

The Enchanted Tree 4

There are a few reasons which make The Enchanted Tree stand out but most importantly, it has to be their competitive and affordable prices. For someone who has sent flowers, it is normal for bouquets to cost anywhere from $60 and upwards. However, for The Enchanted Tree, there are bouquets from as low as S$30, which is inclusive of delivery. This is almost half the price that other online florists would charge.

Too expensive? Maybe it’s not an excuse anymore.

One of the other features which we really liked about The Enchanted Tree would be that they believe in giving each bouquet its own personal touch and character by offering customisation. The best part? It comes without additional charges. Pick and choose your own flowers, type of arrangement and leave it in the hands of the skilled elves at The Enchanted Tree to craft up a stunning bouquet for you.

The Enchanted Tree’s website is easy to navigate and contacting them for any inquiry or order is also a breeze. They are very active on their social media accounts and if you are calling in, so you can be sure that your call will be answered. Don’t believe me? Here are some of the customer feedbacks they have received.

The Enchanted Tree Feedback
Image Credit: The Enchanted Tree


Ordering A Bouquet From The Enchanted Tree?

If you are making an order from their special bouquets section such as those from the ‘Daily Picks’ or ‘Valentine’s Day’ selection, you can order right from their website with a few simple clicks, address and payment information. This will take no longer than five minutes if you have decided which bouquet to choose from.

Otherwise, if you are looking for something customised and for a particular type of flowers to be used in your bouquet, it would be best to either ring them up directly or drop them an email with the details of your ideal bouquet.

The Enchanted Tree 7
Image Credit: The Enchanted Tree

Valentine’s Day Exclusive

The Enchanted Tree has a special, ‘Valentine’s Pick at $80 including delivery whereby customers will be surprised with our arrangement we will be putting together every day between 10-15 February – hint: it will be lush,’ Chong told Vulcan Post. With Valentine’s Day lurking around the corner and if you still have not gotten a present, what are you waiting for?

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