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As we all know from bitter experience, booking appointments in India is an extremely cumbersome task. Especially when it comes to medical engagements, appointments are usually just a namesake formality after which you still end up spending a good part of your day waiting at the clinic. To the likely large masses of you that have been at the receiving end of this deplorable state of affairs, we might just have a saviour in Ziffi.

Ziffi is an online booking system that caters to the clientele of beauty salons, doctors and heath tests. Currently accessible solely through their website, though with a soon-to-come smartphone application, Ziffi provides an interface that allows users to book appointments for any one of the three service areas, after glancing through their catalogue of partners offering the exact treatment they desire.

Image Credit: ziffi.com
Image Credit: ziffi.com

The seamless system lists all your choices, clearly stating the specifics of each location, ranging from price, all the way to the presence of Wi-Fi, TV set, or even parking. Upon narrowing down to the venue of your preference, you then get to select your precise time slot in the very list itself, completing the otherwise tedious process in a matter of a few seconds.

Founded as DocSuggest in 2010 and having rebranded just last month, Ziffi has swiftly grown in its four years of existence to its current expanse of a huge network of 1,000 salons, 15,000 doctors and 5,000 diagnostic centres located in Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Bangalore and Hyderabad. With a workforce of 40 people maintaining the operations in these 4 cities, Ziffi today boasts of 1.2 million users and 250,000 appointments to date.

Image Credit: dreamstime.com
Image Credit: dreamstime.com

The healthcare market in India is haphazard and overcrowded. A platform that manages your appointments in an intuitive a manner is just what it needs. As of even this very day, the comfort of walking into a clinic just in time for your appointment and walk out as it concludes, without so much as a frown forming on our brow, is just a distant dream. Ziffi intends to change that, and I sure hope they manage to.

In the burgeoning Indian market with a less than satisfactory services department, there is undoubtedly a requirement and desire for a much more streamlined organization of aspects as simple as appointments. Ziffi has taken a step in the direction, and has a lot to gain from it, if they manage to execute it well. Here’s hoping for the best!

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