The company has announced that it has moved into a new office, complete with a 'trip around the world in minutes'.

Jacky Yap  |  SG
Published 2016-03-21 19:25:10

Avid followers of Vulcan Post would be familiar with Airbnb – the online marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodation around the world is available in more than 34,000 cities and 191 countries.

And of course, one of the many countries would be here in Singapore – and the company has announced that it has moved into a new office, complete with a ‘trip around the world in minutes’.

Here’s a look at the new office:






AirbnbOffice_Singapore_Byron Bay_BetonBrut

To replicate The Boat Shed in Byron Bay, you can find a bathtub remodelled as a meeting table.



The space is filled with light and informal elements. Once you get through the office’s entrance, the space is open plan with a contemporary-styled kopitiam. Shared spaces includes a cafe-style setting, with benches and beanbags for breakout meetings.




Auckland meeting room brings the outdoors…indoors. This room has fairy lights shimmering like stars above a BBQ pit and a fireplace with artificial greenery.







Two storerooms were converted into meeting rooms – the Great Northwest camp, and also Belo 6, redesigned as a mission control centre on a spaceship. Belo 6 meeting room sums up the forward-thinking and “always shoot for the stars” attitude of Airbnb.

Quick facts on the new space

  • Their entire design philosophy was based around applying Singapore building typologies and materials to the new office spaces. Examples include “the Front Porch”, where the reception is, “Kopitiam chairs” in the cafeteria, and the “Skyscraper”, consisting of traditional ventilation blocks seen in Singapore’s local housing, which encapsulates the stairs. Items were sourced from local neighbourhood shops or designers, such as Supermama. There is even the Dragon Rocking Horse, designed by Hinika, drawing inspiration from local playgrounds.
  • All office meeting rooms are inspired by actual homes on Airbnb to showcase the vast diversity of destinations on offer through the community-driven platform. These include an apartment in BatignollesAndy Warhol-inspired art loft in Bangkoka caravan in Cornwalla villa in Kuta, amongst others.

Jobs, anyone?

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