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If you were to minimise this tab and go on Google now, try type in the word ‘healthy’ and you would be greeted by over 700 million results. That alone would show how conscious people all around the world are about their health. Every other day, a prominent YouTuber posts up a new video on what she eats in a day, or a social influencer posts up an update on Facebook about last night’s workout routine in the gym.

Safe to say, health is something which many are growing interested in. But what exactly is required in order to lead a healthy lifestyle? For me, it is balance in everything that we do in life. Just as much as we should break a sweat daily, we should also put in the effort to make sure that we nourish our body with the meals that it deserves.

Fitness and nutrition aside, other aspects of our life should never be neglected. Everything should work in synergy with one another, and it is then that we can truly put our best self forward. One way that we can look after ourselves better is by detoxing. Whether it is a digital detox, a detox from overspending, or even just a simple diet detox, we could benefit from it by gaining a fresh perspective on life in general.

Look After The Shell You’re In

Image Credit: @sherylnsy, @oliviashyan
Image Credit: @sherylnsy and @oliviashyan Instagram page

Cleansed Life is a new and upcoming Malaysian startup focused on bringing a detox alternative to locals, that is mild and tasty at the same time. It is the brainchild and pet project between Justin Leung and fellow co-founder, Eliza Lee, whereby they gathered ingredients like grapes, blackcurrant and lavender in order to formulate their refreshing teatoxes. With the help of some tea experts, dietitians, and months of trial and error, the teatox formula was created.

The inspiration for Cleansed Life came about when Justin went through a phase that most people can relate to. He relayed to Vulcan Post, “I started because I wanted to lose weight; as I realised the years of late night ‘yum cha’ and nasi lemak has taken a toll on my waistline. But what I found out after thousands of ringgit and countless ‘miracle products’ is that there are no shortcuts in life. In order to look good and feel good, we need a holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle.”

Image Credit: Cleansed LifeImage Credit: Cleansed Life

He added that there are many aspects to leading the aforementioned lifestyle and while there are some who might find it takes away the fun when they have to eat healthfully and workout daily, Cleansed Life is not about to subscribe to that. Yes, they are health advocates, but they are not drill sergeants that suck all the fun away from life. If anything, fun is what they wish to introduce with their teatox idea.

“We started Cleansed Life with the goal to introduce a fun and relatively easy approach to kickstart your healthy journey.  We want to introduce and educate the different ways you can reach this goal and how they can be adapted into our daily life,” Justin added.

The Sum Of Health

cleansed life programme
Image Credit: @joannejojobi and @miishirley Instagram page

The teatox is currently available in a 30-day programme. Within the RM139 program, there are 30 servings of loose leave tea for both day and night cleanses, a reusable sackcloth bag, a wooden spoon, a tea filter as well as a useful eating plan. There is also a 30 Day BFF Duo Teatox program made for friends, couples or siblings in mind as it comes with double the former program for RM239.

The morning tea, primarily made with fruity flavours, made a refreshing start to my day and my initial impression was that it had a tangy taste that resembled berries. The loose leaves however was a task to manage as they tend to scatter all over my counter top regardless of how careful I try to be.

Perhaps a way that Cleansed Life could work on for their future packaging would be to have them in little tea bags which are dunk-ready. It would be a convenient option not just for clumsy customers, but would also make them easily portable to be taken on trips and vacations too. After all, even if we are away on a holiday, it doesn’t mean that we have to leave our health behind as well.

Besides the packaging though, the drinks are really worth the hassle and do more than aid in weight loss. Even though I saw my clothes fitting better after one month with Cleansed Life, the change wasn’t just about the issue of size. I felt better overall and the night tea actually helped me sleep better at night due to its main component, lavender, which is known to successfully lull one to rest.

Locals Are Receptive To The Idea

Image Credit: Cleansed Life
Image Credit: Cleansed Life

Justin shared with Vulcan Post that Malaysians are beginning to become more receptive towards the idea of detoxing itself. “We think that the idea of detox is picking up in Malaysia but a lot of people still have doubts about whether or not they can ‘eat clean’ or ‘exercise more’,” he relayed.

He admits that detoxing and leading a healthy lifestyle is often portrayed as very difficult and that the meals are always dull. “Can I do this?” is a question many may have floating around in their thoughts. Justin’s reply to this is a quote he personally adores. “Everything seems impossible until it is done,”  he said. Plus, the team at Cleansed Life is determined to make detoxing and leading a healthy lifestyle as convenient and fun as possible so that Malaysians have no excuses.

It does not even have to be a drastic change in the way we live. It could be as simple as adding a teatox into our daily diet instead of a teh tarik with a heavy dose of sweet condense milk. Though the perks would include a weight loss, the ultimate win would be the idea of adapting a healthier way of life in general. We would be more aware of the way that we consume our meals and would perhaps be more inclined to choose healthier options. This would not only be beneficial for our physique, but in the long run, our overall well-being can certainly benefit from it too.

They also believe that a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a privilege, but also a gift to be shared. And thus for every product that is purchased from them, they will also donate a serving of fresh fruits and vegetables to an orphanage. Good things are meant to be shared, no?

(Feature image by @leeyvonneofficial Instagram page and Cleansed Life website)

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