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Ever taken a close look at our ringgit notes? A closeup of the 1 ringgit note would display the wau, whilst a 10 ringgit note would show our country’s famed flower, the rafflesia. On the other hand, the 5 ringgit note would show the rhinoceros hornbill. These are the obvious images displayed on our ringgit notes that anybody would be able to see.

However, not many would go to the extent of closely inspecting their ringgit notes either when paying for something or receiving change, what more piecing two notes together to discover a new image.

However, this was exactly what Facebook user, Jamaluddin Hj Ahmad noticed when he joined the transparent parts of the 5 ringgit notes together to discover what he shared on Facebook as a “lambang syaitan” which translates to a symbol of a devil.

rm 5 devil

For those who are unfamiliar, the devil that he is referring to is Baphomet, a horned goat devil or “Sabbatic Goat” which is popular in the 19th century and is often associated with the history of occultism.

We were curious and tried it out ourselves too.

The innocent two
The innocent two hornbills before putting them together.
Yup, pretty creepy.

His discovery has turned into a viral social media update which has since been shared over 17,000 times. He shared, “Baru saya perasan….2 keping note 5 hinggit jika dicantumkan akan ada lambang syaitan… Siapa lah pereka duit tu lah…kiter tertipu juga akhirnyer…” which translates to, “I just realised that 2 pieces of the 5 ringgit notes when pieced together would display the symbol of a devil. Who are the creators of the notes, we were lied to in the end.”

Netizens were equally curious and astounded by the discovery and through the Facebook reactions, they shared their mixed reactions of shock, anger and the good ol’ thumbs up sign towards the post. The image might be looked at differently by others and some might see it as another object as it is after all in the eye of the purveyor.

It is interesting (and even humourous) to see how the ringgit notes could coincidentally resemble something as creepy as the Baphomet—new party trick, anyone?

But before anyone decides to throw their 5 ringgit notes away, Facebook user Kamal MK sums it up hilariously stating, “Sama Hj Saya juga nak duit jgn buang bagitahu nak buang kat mana ha ha ha” which translates to: “I want money too, so don’t throw it away – or at least tell me where you’re throwing it to.”

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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