I don’t have a crystal ball lying around my bedroom, but I’m willing to bet that Tribecar is set to knock its competition out of the park. The two-month old marketplace is, dare I say, a triple threat.

Tribecar is a car-sharing business armed with Z10 insurance and LTA regulation, and it can used for commercial usage to earn extra income. This means that if you’re an Uber, GrabCar or Ninja Van driver, you’re in luck.

Tribecar’s rental rates are only from S$2.00 to S$6.00 per hour (or S$65 for a 24-hour usage), and it is a far cry from most car rental companies in Singapore.

car rental how does it work
Image credit: Tribecar

But there’s a catch

According to the site’s FAQ page, all drivers must be between the ages of 22 to 65, and own a valid Singapore driving license with at least two years of driving experience.

The car marketplace does not require a membership or sign-up fee, but a S$100 security deposit is mandatory. This can be either through a credit or debit card. The security deposit will be refunded back to drivers only upon termination.

Besides the security deposit fee, drivers are also required to attend a briefing session and bring along their NRIC, Class 3/3A Singapore Driving License, and Proof of Residence for registration.

car rental rates
Image credit: Tribecar

What about payment and collection?

According to an interview with The Straits Times, Tribecar director Thong Mei Chuen, revealed that not one driver has asked for his deposit back. Considering the number of perks this startup has, I would say a S$100 deposit fee is a relatively low risk.

Payment is to be made via an e-wallet account that comprises of the amount drivers use to top up as cash, and the amount that is given to them in credits. If the account reaches a negative balance, all future bookings will be erased, and the amount will be returned to their credit account.

To top up the e-wallet account, drivers can either use their credit or debit card, or transact it through Roset.

car rental how does it work
Image credit: Tribecar

How to unlock the car?

Easy. Once a driver has successfully registered an account with Tribecar, a map with the booking details to the location will be provided on the main page.

To get to the next step, the driver will have to click on the ‘Start Trip’ button. A blue lamp above the door handle will then blink, and the door will be unlocked. The car key can be found in the key compartment, which is located at the right side of the steering wheel.

So there you have it, Tribecar is a revolutionary initative that’s set to change our daily commute. And in case you’re wondering, it’s against the rules to drive the car up to Malaysia. Unless you want to jeopardise your membership then, well that’s another story altogether.

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