Here's how you can travel for only RM1 this upcoming week!

Anna Lee  |  MY
Published 2016-04-07 10:07:27

Ride-sharing apps have changed the way that people travel. Though they may have encountered their fair share of heat ever since they were first introduced, no good thing goes by without something being uttered by their detractors. The most important aspect however would be how useful they are to the public in the first place.

It might even be more cost effective in the long run to travel via a ride-sharing app, depending on the area one is travelling too, as well as the distance. To further cushion the impact of rising living costs on Malaysians, one ride-sharing app is even offering rides for RM1.

Grab, which was previously known as MyTeksi, will be offering rides for RM1, from the 7th to 13th of April. Dubbed as the “Ringgit Rides”, non-premium Grab riders can grab as many rides as they wish during the promo period and it will be priced at the fixed rate of RM1, excluding any toll charges.

The promo price is applicable for rides below 5km of driving distance, according to the Grab app, and if the fare is more than the promo amount, the additional fare will be charged to the Grab user. Likewise, if the fare is less than the promo amount, there won’t be any reimbursements.

Image Credit: Grab
Image Credit: Grab

How it works is that the estimated fare for a distance 5km and below will show a fare of RM7 on the Grab app. Grab’s promo will be then deduct RM6 off the fare, hence the total amount payable at the end of the ride would only be RM1.

Grab’s spokesperson told Vulcan Post, “When you’re about to book the ride, you’ll notice our fixed fare price display—don’t worry, we will deduct RM6 off any non-Premium GrabCar rides with payment via credit/debit card.”

In order to ride for cheaper than a McDonalds’s ice cream sundae, this is all you need to do:

  1. Download the Grab app.
  2. Select the “GrabCar (RM1 Ride)” icon.
  3. Enter in your credit/debit card details.
  4. Choose your drop off location for your ride.
  5. Get your savings on your short commute!

And now, you have extra for the ice cream sundae you’ve been wanting all this week—yes, we knew.

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