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A special occasion is coming up. You are getting that promotion you have been dying to receive since you first entered the workforce. The company you have worked for endlessly for years has finally reached their most successful peak. Maybe it’s that time of the year again, when employees and employers alike get together and share gifts. A widely important cultural festival is coming up perhaps?

Maybe you just want to quit your job or your contract has ended and you are compelled to leave, however you want to end that professional journey on a lovely note.

In any case, you have decided to buy a present for your boss, but you have no idea what to get. Here is a life-saving list of gifts that will neither harm your budget or your professional relationship.

1. A Tea-riffic Drinking Bottle

tea-riffic - giftsforboss
Image Credit: Cotton On TYPO website

This thermal bottle is a must-have for caffeine lovers or people who have a busy schedule and a heavy workload (the boss). Whether your employer loves tea or coffee, this is a an on-the-go and spill-free mug to travel with, especially when one is in a hurry to go to the office or important meetings. It also has a removable infuser inside, which saves a lot of time in the morning. Moreover, the printed design can be removed and be replaced, therefore its style is versatile.

2. A Customized Mug


That classic gift will never be out of style. I would personally love to have a collection of mugs. Mugs are not only useful as in they are most likely the sole recipient of one’s breakfast every morning, but they can also add to one’s style and personality, especially if they are displayed on an office table. In Malaysia, you can order your own customizable mugs at Pabble.

3. A Personalized Card Holder

custom card holder
Image Credit: Juize by Five Instagram

Honestly, personalized gifts are the ones that are not only the most original, but also the ones that come directly from the heart. Well, it at least shows that you do care and therefore are less likely to be forgotten among the hundreds of employers your boss has known. Almost everything can be customized but a business/name card holder adds a more professional tone to the gift. You can get one carved at Juize by Five, a Malaysian DIY company specialized in such products.

4. A FANtastic Pen

fanpen - giftsforboss
Image Credit: Cotton On TYPO website

A pen is an indispensable tool, especially in an office, despite the fact that we have come to the absolute digital era. Many people still choose to write notes down. Then, how about a pen that has an electric fan attached to it? This is a newly found must-have treasure for busy hardworking employers, especially in that year-round hot weather. Indeed, you might have air-conditioning, but what about power cuts and that sudden urge to write down that novel idea that came out of nowhere in the middle of your break time? These FANtastic pens can be found in TYPO outlets.

5. A Creative Stationery Organizer

stationery - giftsforboss
Image Credit: Lazada website

Pen holders and stationery organizers are so common in an office that they tend to be overlooked. However, if you take a closer look, it is also another indispensable tool that can additionally incorporate style in an office, while keeping a desk tidy and clean. In fact, on Lazada, beautiful castle-shaped and piano-shaped organizers can be found, among other creative designs.

6. An Original Desk Organizer

Image Credit: Aliexpress.com

Indeed, creativity and innovation can also be applied to desk or paper organizers. This is another very useful tool to have in an office and the variety of designs and colours are endless!

7. A Lunch Box

Image Credit: Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store

Because who doesn’t love food and everything associated with it? Your boss is probably the most hardworking person in the entire office and he or she would often skip lunch or eat a quick unhealthy one, especially during peak season. A lunch box that hopefully fits their style and is appealing to them will probably motivate them to regulate their eating habits and encourage them to cook more. Who knows? It doesn’t hurt to try.

8. A Pocket Planner

planner - giftsforboss
Image Credit: Noteworthie Gifts

Malaysian gifts shops have recently shown off a lot of creativity into their products and Noteworthie Gifts is no exception. They specialize in pocket planners, which are really handy for people who love to have their working agenda written down as they can be carried everywhere due to their fun size. Moreover, not only are the planners stylish, but they are very affordable!

9. A Colouring Calendar

calendar - giftsforboss
Image Credit: ColouringBliss Shop on Etsy

The colouring book trend is upon us this year and ‘ColouringBliss’ at Etsy Malaysia has had the wonderful idea to merge this peaceful concept with calendar formats. In fact every page of the monthly calendar is filled with drawings to be coloured, reflecting the adult colouring meditation concept. This is a great way for your boss to hopefully be a little bit more relaxed at work.

10. A Real Indoor Yet Immortal Plant

plant - giftsforboss
Image Credit: Organic Plant Facebook

Not exactly ‘immortal’ because it still needs to be taken care of every few months or so. This is another fairly new concept I was introduced to in Malaysia: these are really cute and small plants that have been bred exclusively to act as an indoor decor without requiring a lot of care. A variety of these are constantly available at Organic Plant, each to fit one’s preferences. They indeed add so much more life to an office!

11. A Paperweight

paperweight - giftsforboss
Image Credit: Uncommongoods.com

Anything small, heavy and compact can be used as a paperweight, therefore the possibilities of this particular gift are endless. They can also be as affordable or as expensive as your budget would allow. Nevertheless, uncommongoods.com has a wide range of paperweights, which can either be an inspiration to come up with your own or which can directly be bought online.

As you read those last sentences, you now hopefully have a pretty good idea of the ideal gift for your boss. Then, let’s get on with the real-time gift hunting parkour!

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