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Published 2014-03-04 11:30:36

Have too little time on your hands and need someone to help you run some errands and do some delivery for you? Do you know that there’s an app for that?

Well, at least not publicly yet. Created by Natalie Ip, dilivrit is a mobile platform providing individuals and businesses with on-demand, hassle-free delivery services while filling up the idle time of existing couriers. What essentially it means is that, if you need someone to help you deliver or pick up some items, dilivrit is the app you need to check out.

Yes, the company wants to be your ultimate mobile delivery man.


How does it work? Interested users can sign up at www.dilivr.it and the team will be in touch and selectively send private invites to download the mobile app.

The team is focusing on the theme of delivering lifestyle in a few clicks, so they are narrowing down to delivering items in verticals such as fashion and beauty, alcohol and delicacies, gadgets and gifts, as well as health and fitness.

We aim to become an addictive every day habit for busy people who value their time,” team leader Natalie Ip told Vulcan Post.

Currently, they have about 40 freelance couriers in the system vetted and ready for any delivery services. To keep things simple, delivery is optimised by pickup and delivery location, and the type of vehicle required, and you pay according to that. Currently there are also features that notify consumers at various delivery checkpoints, and more traditional consignment-like features will be added in the near future.


Tough journey so far

While the idea sound promising, Natalie didn’t have it easy, and had to learn from her own experiments as well as many trials and errors.

I learnt a lot through my early experiment failure though. There was a time I didn’t vet the courier properly and he didn’t show up so I personally had to do 3 deliveries including carrying a suitcase of 65 iPads from City Hall to Ang Mo Kio and 2 deliveries with a similar delivery time while locations being miles apart! That incident made me realized how important vetting is,” Natalie told Vulcan Post.

Natalie added that “We are also still learning the dynamics of route optimisation for couriers to pick up as many jobs as possible. It will certainly be a win-win-win situation for consumers paying less than a full trip, couriers earning more within a route, and us having the system utilised.

Fortunately, Natalie counts herself lucky as she is working with a great team: Torin Nguyen, a veteran full-stack developer handles all the technical side of the company. Two other staffs Deborah and Jozanne also helps her out in operations and marketing.

The mobile app is set to be launched in the coming few months. Do you think you will use it?

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Featured Image Credit: 121Systems

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