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So you’ve got the moves like Jagger? Welcome to the next generation of wearable fitness tracking gadgetry! While Moov may not exactly help your spelling much, the tiny clip-on gadget promises to make you a better athlete.

Before you brush it off as “just a fancy-schmancy pedometer”, know this: Moov was designed and developed by former Apple engineer Nikola Hu, so you know this has to be worth waiting for. Plus, the man was also an engineer on the HALO game franchise and he certainly seems to be putting all that futuristic ideation to good use.


Moov is more than just a tracking gadget; it becomes your own personal fitness coach – a little like having a mini Wii Fit on your wrist. Using 9-axis sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer) to track your movement and evaluate your form, Moov shares this data via Bluetooth to its iOS app on your phone.

While you’re running, Moov doesn’t just store your workout data; it gives you audio tips through your headphones – in real time. Yes, that means you’ll hear the voice of Siri giving you comments about your stride, running impact, and posture as you run.

The device hooks onto just about anything from sneakers to your wrist to even weights and golf clubs, allowing artificial intelligence to provide feedback on your current workout session. For instance, during your run, Moov chirpily reminds you to “Shorten your stride…land softer,” interrupting your music only briefly with tips for good form.

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When released, Moov will have programs for running, cardio boxing, weight training, cycling, and swimming (hurray for waterproof!), with plans to expand to exercises like yoga and martial arts in the future. The app will also allow users to share and compare workouts to encourage and motivate the community.

Plus point: if Moov detects that you’ve been sitting at your desk for too long, it sends a reminder to your phone telling you to get up and move, suggesting a quick activity for your benefit.

moov mobile app

Currently compatible with iOS, this intelligent button is scheduled to launch in July, with Android support planned for the coming months. Moov is now available for pre-order at US$60 per piece (it will be twice the price when launched), or one per wrist at US$100.

While it might sound enticing, there are a lot of fitness trackers in the market, such as FitBit and Jawbone. Moov is definitely up to compete against all these fitness trackers.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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