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In this social media age, taking great photos has increasingly become one of the most important social skill sets to possess. Thanks to the advancement of camera technology in smartphones, everybody is practically becoming a photographer. Smartphones have also generated higher interest in photography, and subsequently, a higher demand for unique photos that smartphones cannot produce.

Still that does not make the job any easier, as well shot photos are hard to come by. For example, there are no smartphones in the current market that can produce the much sought after bokeh effect which requires a camera with a good quality lens.

Another type of photo which smartphones cannot produce – long exposure photos. The long exposure effect blurs any moving subject, giving it an in-motion effect while keeping stationary objects in sharpness.

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If you, like us here at Vulcan Post, are among those who like to tell your story through photos and create that unique relationship with your fans and followers, you might want to consider investing in a good quality tool. Instead of asking “how do I take better photos?”, maybe the better question is, “am I equipped with the tool which produces great photos effortlessly?”

Instead of the usual flat lays and selfies taken via the smartphones, here are some popular types of photos that people “like” on social media which we personally prefer capturing with a camera:

  1. Architecture Photography


Architecture photographs are well liked because they showcase the magnificence of human work. You’ll be surprised how a well shot architecture photo can fuel a great deal of inspiration among your followers.

2. City Skyline


The classic skyline shot never fails to impress, because it simply works. The biggest challenges to taking a skyline shot, especially at night are making sure your camera doesn’t move and that your exposure is long enough, resulting in the perfect mix of light and shadow.

3. Close up shots of food and drinks


More often than not, smartphone photographer usually just snap a photo and post it on their social media channels. A close up shot of food and drinks with the proper tool captures all the details and texture of the food before you savour it, and yes, with room to play around and get that bokeh effect!

4. Street Photography


Last but not least, street photography – the perfect story telling photo form. No matter where you are, each street has its own unique story to tell, providing you with endless opportunities to exercise your creativity with your camera.

Quick Tips On Choosing The Right Tool For You:

1. A Mirrorless Camera with interchangeable lens – Over here at Vulcan Post, we personally like using a mirrorless interchangeable camera as we’re not a fan of hearing the mirror swing up each time we press the shutter button; allowing us to shoot unobtrusively. In addition, having a camera system with various lenses allow us to really enjoy the process of shooting various styles of photography; from macro to landscape shots.

2. Wi-Fi Function: A camera with a Wi-Fi feature lets you transfer your photos easily for use on social media. This is especially important as we are constantly connected with one another in this digital age.

3. Touch Screen: A camera with easy to use touch screen interface keeps things simple, fun and it provides a familiar sight to all smartphone users. Our favourite part about a touch screen? Touch screen focus! This is simply because it allows us to focus easily on any part of the screen.




If you are interested to improve your photography skills, you can enter the recently Leica T Photo Challenge, which gives you a chance to walk away with prizes up to S$8000. There are also photography workshops with Leica Akademie which you can be part of too! So see you there?

Image Credit: Reviewed.com

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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