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The eagle-eyed bunch of you Facebook addicts may have noticed the “Message Requests” tab appearing in your messages pages sometime late last year. But for those of you who might not be aware, Facebook messenger has a dedicated inbox which further separate your messages from friends, which goes to your main inbox, and messages from people who are not your friends, now these go to the Message Requests section.

It’s high time that you meet your would-be friends, fans, and who knows, maybe haters too.

How To Access The Secret Inbox

To access the separate inbox, fire up your browser and load up Facebook, like you normally do every morning.

Facebook Home Page
Now go on over to your messages by clicking the all too familiar icon. fbm

The default view should be of one showing you your main inbox Recent list.

Continue by clicking on Message Requests.


You should be able to see a “Filtered Requests”. Click on it, and you will be able to access your inbox which contains messages from your extended network or from people you may not personally know.


There is also another way to access the inbox: If you are already on the Messages page, click on the More drop down menu and then click “Filtered”.


Accessing The Facebook Inbox Via Mobile

If you are mostly on mobile messenger, here’s how to access the additional inbox.

In your Facebook Messenger application, press on the right most icon to go into your Account and Settings page.

Next select People, then Message Requests

Finally, much like desktop view, scroll down until the end until you see Filtered Requests and press on that.
FB Messenger SS

From here on out, be surprised (or horrified) at the messages unlocked to you. We are pretty sure they are some spam in there (cheap Ray-Bans for you, sir?) or maybe a long lost childhood friend trying to reach out to you.

Just make sure to check it whenever you can, you do not want to miss anything that you may regret not reading.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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