Apple fans! The day you are looking forward to is here. Apply Pay has arrived on our shores!

M. Shazni  |  Singapore
Published 2016-04-19 16:51:32

After months of news and speculation, Apple has just announced that its mobile payment and digital wallet service is now available in Singapore. However, the service is currently only available for eligible America Express-issued credit cards in Singapore, while some other banks such as DBS Bank, UOB and Standard Chartered will also provide the service in the coming months.

“Starting today, Apple Pay is available for eligible American Express-issued credit cards in Singapore, so customers can now pay in an easy, secure and more private way,” said Apple Pay Vice President Jennifer Bailey.

Skeptical about the mobile payment service? We’ve listed down 5 reasons why you should use Apple Pay.

1 – It’s easy to use!

After all the boring data entry to set up your Apple Pay account, it’s time to go shopping.

Source: Apple
Source: Apple

Payment via Apple Pay is as easy as unlocking your phone and tapping your device with the merchant’s payment device.

Source: Apple
Source: Apple

Or you can also pay with Apple Pay with just a flick of your wrist – If you happen to have an Apple Watch that is.

Just make sure the merchant supports this payment method.

2 – You Can Use Apple Pay To Shop At Some Of Your Favourite Merchants

Speaking of merchants, Apple has also announced an initial roll-out of stores that are Apple Pay ready, with more on the way. Here’s a look at the full list:

Source: Apple
Source: Apple

I know I know, not too many choices at the moment. Well at least you can get your groceries done, buy some clothes, grab a coffee and watch a movie.

More merchants are waiting in the wings to come aboard. We’re talking about a system that was adopted by 220,000 participating vendors in the USA when it was first launched.

3 – Top Notch Security & Payment Even Without Internet

In case you haven’t noticed all the hoo-ha involving Apple and the FBI, the security over at Apple is definitely top-notch.

Source: Apple
Source: Apple

According to Apple, when you pay via Apple Pay, there are no information exchanged with Apple Pay. All your data is kept within the Secure Element chip in your phone. How the chip works is that it generates a one-off code to initiate the transaction each time you make payment to transmit your credit or debit card data. Since your information is being kept locally on your phone, you will also be able to use Apple Pay even without internet connection.

So you may ask, “What if I lose my phone?”

Personally, I have never lost mine, but some of you may have. If this ever happens to you, fret not, Apple has got you covered.

Source: Apple
Source: Apple

All you have to do is to visit your iCloud account, and use the Find My iPhone feature to set your phone to Lost Mode, effectively suspending Apple Pay. If all hope is lost and you don’t hope to see your iPhone again, proceed to wipe your device clean completely.

4 – A Thinner Wallet

After inputting your data into the Wallet app in your iPhone, you are able to completely leave your cards in the safety of your own home.

Source: iPocketWallet
Source: iPocketWallet

Say goodbye to uncomfortable wallet bulges in your skinny jeans.

Well, unless you’re a baller with stacks of cash!

5 – The Possibility Of Going Totally Wallet-less 

Wallets are so yesterday. With Apple Pay finally gracing us with its presence, perhaps Apple would be more forthcoming to the idea of allowing the NFC chips in their devices which can be used in conjunction with EZ-Link readers.

Source: Straits Times
Source: Straits Times

Of course, while Apple users can finally enjoy this service, Android users, those with the approved list of devices, have had the opportunity to enjoy this privilege for the past month since its launch.

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