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Overseas there are plenty of odd and strange businesses that somehow manage to gather a decent following. Like people charging for hugs and cuddles, sending deodorant with a note that says “you smell”, and more.

Well Malaysia has some pretty strange and interesting businesses too! Here are 7 businesses that you would have never thought existed. Most of them are still fresh and emerging, which makes them even more exciting.

1. Rent a random stranger.


RentAFriend.com allows you to rent local friends to hang out with. On the website, it’s stated that RentAFriend.com is not a dating website, nor an escort agency; it’s strictly for friendship purposes only. Previous users have used it to rent friends to show them around a new town, to go for a group event or party, for meals when they’re travelling for business, as a gym workout partner, and even for personal advice.

You can first view the profiles of the friends listed there and then contact them by phone or messaging system to negotiate your plans, price, and time. Currently there are already active members listed in Malaysia, so you can go ahead and rent them to make some new friends.

2. Get your pet an “Airbnb” room.


Accommodation services such as Airbnb are nowadays a very practical and affordable way to visit other areas or travel to a new country without having to worry too much about where to stay. Petsodia is basically an Airbnb for your pets.

Yes, animal rights: your pets deserve as much luxury as you do when you go on a vacation. This website really comes in handy especially when you have no one trustworthy enough (or simply no one, because all your friends are away on a vacation too) to leave your pets with. The pet sitters on Petsodia are pet lovers themselves and will definitely give your furkids the best.

3. Send flowers with a customised video.


Many of us would think that the usual bouquet of flowers as a gift has become obsolete and overused. However, this is not what the founders of 50gram believed. They believed that such traditional presents can be adapted to the new digital era. In fact, 50gram is a business that sells and delivers bouquets of your choice… along with a custom-made video!

The ordering process is simple and trackable online. All you have to do is to submit your order online on their website while providing pictures of your choice for them to compile them into a video. Eventually, you will be allowed to view the final product before agreeing to send it out to the receiver.

Perks are that they have new bouquet designs every week and while you can order on the spot for the gift to be sent on the day itself, you can also ‘pre-order’ for a future day. In any case, the flowers are still fresh! Currently they do deliveries during both weekdays and weekends.

4. Get paid to be a driving advertisement.


‘Make money while you drive’. It sounds almost unbelievable. Yet, Roamify confirms this statement. This is a new startup that allows drivers to earn money through on-vehicle advertising. It is not a scam and it is very simple to use: all you have to do is to run the application so that it tracks your mileage, and drive your normal every day route. Your income will vary in terms of miles driven and drivers have to drive a minimum of 50km a day. Also, drivers have to drive a car model that is from the year 2008 or newer.

As they are still a new operating business, the startup operates only within the Klang Valley area for the time being, although they are planning to expand to the rest of Malaysia soon.

In the end, it is all about connecting drivers to advertisers and vice versa, making it a win-win opportunity for all long distance drivers in Malaysia.

5. Hail your furkid a pet-friendly cab.

pet taxi

We have ride-sharing apps like Uber and Grab, while our pets have Pet’s Pet Taxi! Indeed, transport for any of your pets is only a phone call away.

It is an interesting and useful concept that has been put into practice in the recent years and although they don’t have a specific app for the taxi service yet, as they are still growing, their Facebook page is very much active and this is where anyone can find all the information needed: the phone numbers are regularly updated and it is guaranteed a safe and reliable service by the photos and customer experiences uploaded. The business values transparency and trust.

Other than being your pet’s taxi, they also provide pet relocation and pet import/export services. So if you’re migrating, this is a good option of getting your pet safely to you.

6. Get non-toxic pest control products delivered to you for free.


The world of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) has grown to a great extent since everything went digital. In fact, you don’t even have to call a pest control operator anymore and go through the insurmountable wait while you have to either lock yourself in a room to keep the pests away or run out of the house while pests damage every corner of it. Pest Control In A Box allows you to order a box with all the necessary tools to be your own pest control operator!

The order is made online and everything is carefully explained via videos, but if you need additional help, simply leave a message in their chat box and they will respond. There are various types of kits to suit each pest problem, for example ants, cockroaches, flies, termites, lizards, and bedbugs. Plus, the pest control kit will be delivered to you for free in Malaysia.

7. Get a geeky monthly subscription box.


Mythic Mana is a monthly subscription box, not for food, fashion, or beauty products—it’s for geeky goods and products! Subscribers will receive a monthly mystery box that is geek and gamer themed, like toys and collectibles from various brands such as Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Adventure Time, and more. Each box is carefully curated and packaged, and contains 5-6 items according to their monthly theme. Ready for your geeky adventure?

Sure it can be a little daunting doing a business that is less heard of or is still a new concept, but bravery and boldness can reap much rewards as well if it’s a path less taken. And if you’re hearing about these unique and strange businesses, go on, be bold and try some out.

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