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GrabHitch, a carpooling service available via the Grab app, was recently launched in Malaysia. In conjunction with the launch and in the spirit of nurturing the carpooling habit, Grab staff themselves will be hitting the road today, 16th of May (Monday), as GrabHitch drivers, offering free rides and limited edition Grab merchandise to lucky passengers.

Therefore, Grab is extending this opportunity to users to join them and be a GrabHitch driver as well. In return for every driver’s carpooling efforts, Grab will be topping up RM20 free credit for every ride that GrabHitch drivers complete between the 16th and 22nd of May. Terms apply, find out more here.

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Unlike GrabCar, GrabHitch requires less commitment to sign up as a driver as driving for GrabHitch is entirely flexible and is meant to work around your day job.

“By encouraging employees to consider carpooling via GrabHitch, this not only builds company moral and relationship, but also makes long distance daily commutes a little more bearable and less stressful,” said Jaygan Fu, Country Manager of Grab.

Ultimately, Grab aims to empower employees to drive with GrabHitch and on top of that, increase efficiency and enrich their own respective day jobs.


So what’s so great about being a GrabHitch driver? Is it worth the while? We list a few reasons for your consideration.

1. Travelling to and from work can be expensive.

Driving to and from work can be costly especially when you factor in tolls and parking fees in office areas like KLCC, Pavillion or Menara Citibank. Take your daily travel costs into consideration with carpooling and reduce the cost of travel.

2. Support environmentally friendly initiatives.

According to a study by Nielsen, Malaysia has the 3rd highest car ownership globally whereby 93% of Malaysian households own at least a car. By matching passengers and drivers that are already travelling to and from the same areas, everyone gets to play a part in reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions. In the long run, we will definitely be doing Mother Nature a big favour.

3. Spend less time on the road.

According to the World Bank, every day there are 150,000 Single Occupancy Vehicles cross MRR1 and MRR2 alone. Hence it’s no wonder why roads in the Klang Valley can be jam packed on a regular basis. By encouraging people to carpool, we can potentially reduce the number of cars on the road and subsequently, the time spent on the road as well.

4. Encourage timeliness.


And of course, by reducing time on the road, employees can increase their work punctuality! Moreover, as GrabHitch requires drivers and passengers to schedule their rides in advance, there is a mutual understanding and respect to be punctual and not be tempted by the snooze button. This is peer pressure at its finest.

5. Strengthen team bonds.

One of the best ways to increase efficiency and improve the work environment is by strengthening the team spirit and relationship between co-workers. Other than the typical occasional teambuilding activities, carpooling to work could also help to build camaraderie between colleagues, especially for those who are from different departments.

6. Importance of road safety.

Driving home after a long day can leave employees susceptible to dozing off. Carpooling helps employees to drive safely when there is someone else riding with them, keeping them awake and alert with engaging conversation.

7. Help new employees settle in.


Settling into a new company and adopting new cultures can be daunting for newbies. By carpooling, experienced employees can help new employees settle in faster and speed up the on-boarding process.

8. Networking opportunities for employees.

Sticking to only people in your own industry will eventually limit your range of acquaintances. With GrabHitch, employees can offer rides to passengers from other industries and build their social circles without having to take the time to attend networking sessions. By talking to people from various backgrounds, drivers can pick up a thing or two too!

9. Optimize the usage of company cars.

For companies that provide company cars to employees, carpooling will help maximize the benefits of a company car to other employees as well.

10. Support for employees with children.

Working moms will be able to schedule pick-ups and drop-offs easily for their kids via GrabHitch. All the planning is done via the Grab app itself and the travelling can be tracked too.

To find out more about Grab and GrabHitch, feel free to visit their site here.

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