HoodChampions' slogan: "my hood can kick your hood's butt."

Priscilla Tan  |  Singapore
Published 2016-06-10 10:51:43

HoodChampions is cooler than your neighbourhood CC.

Not only do you get to mingle with people with common interests, but you also form teams with these kindred spirits to battle against other neighbourhoods to win cool prizes – the Health Promotion Board’s National Brisk Walking Programme can’t top that.

Not a hobby person? Competitions aren’t your cup of tea? Fair enough. The website (and Android app) is also packed with a clever tool where you can chalk out events and offer professional services to your local district. I dare say this feature will win brownie points from self-employed professionals.

HoodChampions website
Image credit: HoodChampions

Running Man, Carousell, And Facebook In Your Neighbourhood

You can compete in two ways. For the self-organised one-to-one battles, once your group hits over five participants, you can put out a challenge to similar groups in other neighbourhoods. After the battle, all you have to do is input the results in the website and win points for your hood.

As of now, Choa Chu Kang and West Coast hold the highest points.

It’s not only a test of the brains and brawns. The national competitions, like the recent Singlish charade match that made headlines a while ago, also put the participants’ chemistry to the test. This is the closest you can get to being a Running Man.

HoodChampions charade competition
Image credit: HoodChampions

Not Only Battles, But Deals And More

A feature that echoes Carousell and Gumtree, you can also list out offers on the Champion Retail Deals category. A peek at the site shows there are a few residents selling their brand new Wii and PS4 games – one of them is going as low as $30. If you’re a freelancer, the Champion Services will be useful in promoting your business.

Locating people in the HDB block you live in is also as easy as whipping up an omelette meal. It works similar to the way you find friends on Facebook; only instead of inputting an email address in the search bar, you use your postal code during registration.

HoodChampions website
Image credit: HoodChampions

Hermits No More

With technology and the overabundance of social media networks today, it’s not hard to see why we would choose to hide in the comfort of our own homes and being lax about socialising for our general well-being.

But isn’t getting out of our comfort zone much more important than mindlessly scrolling down our Instagram feed? If the making of HoodChampions is an attempt to coax us to get out of the bubble we surround ourselves with, it’s working.

Ready to kick your hood’s cute little butt? Create a free account on HoodChampions and witness the action unfolds. The fun awaits.

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