Ramadhan is back and we think these Malaysian startups will help to maximise this month fully for all Muslims.

Published 2016-06-08 11:26:45

This article has been updated for Ramadhan 2018. Do leave a comment if you see any other relevant startups or services. 

The holy month of Ramadhan is almost upon us once again and this blessed period sees Muslims everywhere devoting each day towards the act of giving, self-reflection as well as purifying the body and mind. With the rapid growth of modern technology, there have been countless apps and services dedicated to help all Muslims who practice these beliefs.

Here is a list of some of our local startups that might be able to help you through this year’s Ramadhan, whether it be by enriching your days with inspirational prayers to finding the right recipes to make your ‘break fast’ meal even more delicious.

Vulcan Post wishes a Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims!

Quran Companion

Image Credit: Amanz.my
Image Credit: Amanz.my

Did you know that the Ramadhan month is actually known as the blessed month because it is when the Quran was first revealed? This is why Muslims believe that this holy month is the prime time to read through all the verses in the Quran in order to reap great rewards granted in the afterlife.

To help with this, Quran Academy has prepared Quran Companion, an app specially designed for those who desire a more accessible way to build a Quran memorization habit in their daily life and achieve their goals of reciting the Quran faster and easier.

Available On: Google Play and iTunes Store


Image Credit: PeaceBeUponYou
Image Credit: PeaceBeUponYou

Looking for your daily dose of Islamic knowledge? Developed by MadCat World, PeaceBeUponYou focuses on sharing inspirational and educational content for Muslims, by Muslims.

The app features daily reminders, du’as, zikir and Islamic songs. It also allows users to have discussions on Islamic lifestyle as well as keep track of prayer times wherever they are. This is an all-rounded app perfect for this time of the year.

Available On: Google Play and iTunes Store

Malaysia Qibla & Find Mosque

Image Credit: Google Play
Image Credit: Google Play

Fasting is considered an empty practice if not completed with the act of praying. Especially for those who travel constantly, finding a mosque to perform said prayers could prove a task if passing through unfamiliar lands.

Malaysia Qibla and Find Mosque is a handy app to have as not only does it show all mosques within your vicinity, it also has a compass feature which shows the right way of the Qibla (the direction of the Kaaba to which Muslims turn at prayer), making it easier to perform prayers anywhere and everywhere.

Available On: Google Play


Image Credit: Hijab For Good FaceBook
Image Credit: Hijab For Good FaceBook

To all Muslimah’s out there, now is the perfect time to stock up on hijabs or other Muslimah fashion items so why not add on a good deed with your purchase?

Hijab For Good is a Muslimah fashion boutique that has a wide range of brands and designs for you to choose from. The real catch is that 100% of the profits go into funding social projects aimed to help out adult orphans and the under privileged by skill empowerment. So you can look beautiful on the outside and feel beautiful on the inside as well.


Image Credit: ezakat

Generosity is a trait that the Ramadhan season highlights and one way to implement it is by paying Zakat (a payment made annually for the unfortunate people under the Islamic law).

Developed by Lembaga Zakat Selangor, eZakat is a good app to have with all sorts of useful information about Zakat in Malaysia, such as places to pay your zakat, the procedure behind it and a Zakat calculator to help calculate it, view past zakat payments, and even report on people who might deserve zakat stipends.

Available On: Google Play and iTunes Store

Islamic Tunes

Image Caption: IslamicTunes
Image Caption: IslamicTunes

Despite the name, IslamicTunes isn’t just a site for Muslim-centered music.

It is actually a social entertainment hub where fans of music, e-books, literature, live shows, etc. can meet up and get connected with other content creators to uphold and elevate the Islamic art. Perfect for those looking to switch up the usual entertainment that’s blasted all around for this holy month.

Kevin Zahri – Cikgu Fitness Malaysia

Image Credit: Kevin Zahri Website
Image Credit: Kevin Zahri Website

You may know Kevin Zahri as a local celebrity but he is also mainly recognized as a certified fitness trainer with his own weight loss program called ‘Jom Kurus’.

In previous Ramadhan months, he consistently shared articles on how to exercise properly during the fasting period while also publishing a few e-books talking about how to effectively lose weight during Ramadhan. So for those seeking a good and balanced diet for this holy month, you can take a look at his website or take a peek at his e-books here.

Panduan Ramadhan

panduan ramandhan app
If you’re unsure of certain practices or rules during Ramadhan, Panduan Ramadhan has a full list of numerous topics under the huge umbrella of fasting and the blessed month in general.

For those who seek a much more in-depth explanation, this app also has an interface that can link you to relevant Hadiths (a traditional account of things said or done by Prophet Muhammad or his companions) or Quran verses which will hopefully provide you with all the information you may need.

Available on: Google Play

Picha Project

Image Credit: Picha Project

In Ramadhan, there’s nothing better than coming home to a full homecooked meal to break your fast after a long day of abstaining and worship. Picha Project is offering Ramadhan specials to fill bellies for both buka puasa and sahur. Customers can choose to sample foods from the home kitchen of an Afghani, Palestinian, Syrian or Iraqi families to fuel themselves for Ramadhan.

As a plus point, ordering these meals will also go into helping refugees from war-torn countries earn a decent life here in Malaysia, since refugees aren’t legally allowed to work here.

You can check out the Ramadhan menu here

Do you have other apps and startups to suggest for Muslims to make this Ramadhan a fulfilling one? Go ahead and tell us about it in the comments, and happy fasting!

Feature Image Credit: Adapted from lexrex on Flikr.

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