If you think you know what your own texting habits are like, think again.

Edwin Teo  |  Singapore
Published 2016-06-24 16:00:20

Artificial intelligence sure is a fascinating thing.

By supplying examples of our writing to AI, they can learn to predict how we may type and respond to messages. Just the other day, I watched a short film based on a screenplay written by an AI after being fed hundreds sci-fi TV and movie scripts.

Such examples of AI authoring are more prominent in text messaging. Communication has come a long way, and most of our smartphone keyboards are able to do text predictions, albeit one word at a time. Fluenty (which used to be Talkey) aims to take this one step further by providing whole reply suggestions.

Fluenty is an AI smart reply assistant app on Google Play. The app currently supports FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangouts, KakaoTalk and SMS.

Whenever you receive a message on one of these platforms, you can access a dropdown menu that provides you with a handful of natural and appropriate reply suggestions (based on your previous messages) that you would be likely to send your friends.

Image credit: Google Play store
Image credit: Google Play store

This allows you get away from typing mundane and repetitive replies to everyday messages, and also saves you time on typing out whole messages too!

But more than that, because Fluenty is predicated on how you would normally text your friends, it becomes a reflection of your texting habits, and shows you just how you sound like when you’re texting.

A user on the Google Play store has mentioned how sarcastic he usually is when texting:

Image credit: Google Play store
Image credit: Google Play store

In my time using the app, I’ve gained some insight on my own texting habits as well.

That is, specifically, that I am rather rude when I’m texting:

2016-06-12 11.54

Thankfully, I haven’t lost any friends yet in using Fluenty, but it’s nice to be given a different perspective on the way I type so that I can learn to communicate better and more efficiently with my friends.

Fluenty is available on Google Play.

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