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It is now the middle of 2016, and all the major phone manufacturers have released their latest and greatest flagships. More than ever, we have arrived at a juncture where specifications can only take a smartphone so far.

Basically, these top-tier phones perform similarly to each other, but it is the defining features that separate one from the rest. From the truly useful, to utter gimmickry, these are the things that can make a particular phone popular, or a flop.

State Of Smartphones In 2016

Here, we take a look at all the phones out to win your wallets.

iPhone 6s

Image Credits: Apple

The iPhone is still, for better or worse, the one to beat. While rumors and leaks of the iPhone 7 begin to pick up pace now that WWDC is over, the iPhone 6s is still a very viable option for anyone needing an upgrade right now, even though it came out in September 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Image Credits: Samsung
Image Credits: Samsung

The world’s number one smartphone maker has been duking it out with Apple for the longest time. Its latest offering has undoubtedly the best specifications out of any smartphones by any any manufacturer today – having an excellent camera, water resistance with its IP68 rating, and good battery life. While Touchwiz is still a love it or hate it affair, Samsung has no plans to surrender the crown to anyone.


Image Credits: LG

LG is still the only company to truly innovate and try experimental features into their phones, from the curved out Flex line of phones, and the secondary display of the V10. Now with the G5, again they tried something out of the ordinary. The entire bottom chin now slides out with the battery, and you can swap it with the two other modules that LG has made available.

HTC 10

Image Credits: HTC

HTC was one of the first out of all android phone makers to truly embrace the use of a full metal unibody for its phones with the introduction of its One line. Unfortunately HTC soon went into a period stagnation with phones that have disappointing hardware internals, even though they had their signature look going for them.

The HTC 10 is out to right the wrongs of the past three iterations of the One phones, and is currently doing just that with encouraging reviews all around.

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

Image Credits: Sony
Image Credits: Sony

First, let’s get this out of the way, the Z5 will, more or less, be the last of its kind. That 4K display that comes with too, while ahead of its time, is impractical in the current market. The Android operating system is only transitioning itself from 1080p to 1440p, the latter of which is widely available on flagships.

Xiaomi Mi5

Image Credits: Xiaomi

Their foray into the realm of flagships has been very well received from fans worldwide. While still largely known for their budget offerings of their Redmi line, they have been changing public perception with their Mi flagships, offering top of the line specifications, at half the price of competitors in most cases. Mi5 continues on this path by offering the same Snapdragon 820 among other hardware found in the rest of the big boys, and offers the end product at a much lower price point.

Huawei P9

Image Credits: Huawei
Image Credits: Huawei

Huawei harbours ambitions to overtake Apple as the number two smartphone manufacturer in the world. With the stigma associated with Chinese brands dying down because of companies like them and Xiaomi, they are poised to build up a strong following in the western world.

Partnering with German camera maker Leica, Huawei introduced a photography centric smartphone, the P9. While the camera is definitely something to drool over, the rest of the phone needs more work to compete with the upper echelons.

Microsoft Lumia 950

Image Credits: Microsoft
Image Credits: Microsoft

The dark horse of mobile devices, the windows operating system on phones is clearly not a popular choice. With that said, there are still those who swear by it. When Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile division, they bought a a line of devices with beautiful industrial design, which has a great camera, with optics by Zeiss.

So Which One Are You?

Well this article isn’t exactly a buyers’ guide to your next smartphone – you can find loads of those all over the internet. But just for fun, why don’t you find out which of the phones above are you like? It may or may not influence your decision the next time you buy a new phone.

Share with us your results in the comments section.


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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