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When we make mistakes, we might not necessarily know where we went wrong. In life, it’s good to have someone to look out for you and help you understand.

If no one tells us, we might make the same mistakes over and over again. Here are 5 common mistakes you need to know to ensure you won’t make them anymore!

1. Taking Your Family Members for Granted

What’s the meaning of family anyway? Sometimes, you might think that family simply means being together no matter what, but that’s not exactly correct.

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

It’s important to treat your family members better than you would others– listen, understand and talk to them. Family is not just a label, but a mentality you have towards the people close to your heart.

2.Not Spending Enough Time With Your Loved Ones

“Today no time”, “Wait ah I later then talk to you”. Spending time with your loved ones shouldn’t be something you do only in your free time. Likewise, if you don’t make yourself available, your loved ones will eventually respond in kind.

Image Credit: Wahbanana Youtube
Image Credit: Wahbanana Youtube

Just being there for important events isn’t enough either – it’s being a constant presence in your loved one’s lives that makes you a part of their lives.

If you find yourself having to catch up on what your loved ones are doing, you should try being more involved in their lives to show that you care.

3.Thinking Too Much On The Short Term

When people plan for the future, they tend to only plan for one or two years in advance. In reality, if you really want to be comfortable in the long run, you’ll need to plan for the different milestones in your life.

Being prepared for the future will give you a clear direction in life, giving the people around you a peace of mind when they see that you are confident.

Knowing what you want allows you to start working towards your goal quickly, so think about planning for the long term.

4. Giving Up Too Early

Believing in something will lead you towards it, like how when you run you keep your eyes ahead. Similarly, even when you fail to achieve something, you’re still taking steps in the right direction.


Exercise your imagination and dream. Dreamers always have something to look forward to as a source of motivation, and you won’t give up so easily.

5. Procrastinating To Get Instant Gratification

Putting things off for another time isn’t goal-setting, it’s troublemaking. We all procrastinate, but at worst times it can affect the people around us when they feel responsible for our laziness

Image Credit: lifehacksingapore.blogspot
Image Credit: lifehacksingapore.blogspot

Success is also about timing, and if you waste your youthful energy on enjoying yourself, you won’t have any left to chase whatever goals you have. If you’re thinking about starting something, start it now so you won’t miss any opportunities.

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