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ToyTravel may sound really childish if you haven’t tried it yourself.

It’s not just about bringing your toy around with you while you travel, neither is it simply plonking it into your photo. It is about personifying your toy to create a toytravel photo that will make people go, “Awwww so cute!”, or “That’s really cool!”, injecting emotions and feels into a still picture through a toy, even if it means getting it dirty.

Toytravel is also dubbed as nui-dori in Japanese, and no prizes for guessing that this trend originates from Japan (the land of cutesy). That said, you might not get much relevancy from searching ‘ToyTravel’ on Google, but go ahead and copy/paste ‘ぬいどり’ (nui dori) on Instagram or Twitter and you’ll get a whole lot of pictures.

With toy-travel in mind, why not take up Canon’s challenge to create a picture worthy of the $999 Canon EOS M10. Once you get your hands on Canon’s M series newest addition, you will not regret it.

Canon’s new camera EOS M10 is easy to use and here’s 5 great facts about it:

1. Sharp and Light


The 18.0 megapixel APS-C sensor and Hybrid CMOS AF II system quickly captures sharp images with detail. At 301 grams body weight, it’s definitely much much lighter than a DSLR. If you are usually one who points and shoots instantaneously, and chooses the auto mode on a DSLR anyway, this camera wouldn’t be a bad choice to bring on your travels.

2. Simplified DSLR (kinda)


DSLR users will be familiar with the auto, aperture priority, shutter priority and manual modes on the Canon M10, which gives the user more options in different lighting conditions or art direction. The ability to switch between lens is also a bonus for those who wants to try on more sophisticated photography. The difference is the viewing, as the M10 is mirrorless and only has an LCD screen, with no viewfinder.

3. Awesome Touch Screen


The LCD touch screen is the most responsive of all touch screens I’ve come across on cameras. I would say, it’s more intuitive than a Samsung phone. You can access different shooting modes on the touch screen, even effects like toy camera, fisheye, black and white.

4. Selfie Galore

The 180 degree tilt screen allows you to see yourself and makes it easy to snap selfies. There’s even a Self Portrait mode with a one-touch beautification effect that smoothens your skin out. You can also use your phone to do remote shooting if clicking the shutter with your arms outstretch proves to be difficult.

5. Fast Download Onto Your Phone 


You will need to install ‘Canon Camera Connect’ on your mobile device and connect to your M10 via wifi. Then choose and select your images to download into your phone. I don’t know exactly how fast it is, but I downloaded the same photo twice because I didn’t even see the download progress the first time I did it. It simply flashed on my phone screen and disappeared. It was fast.

Win One For Yourself!

So here’s how you can WIN the Canon EOS M10 Kit III (EF M15-45 IS STM & EF M55-200 IS STM) with a 24cm limited edition Rilikkuma plushie:

  1. Like the contest poster and follow us on Instagram (@VulcanPost).
  2. Upload your own ToyTravel photo and tell us WHY YOU SHOULD WIN!
  3. Tag @VulcanPost and @CanonSingapore
  4. Include the hashtags: #VPxCanon #CanonSG #ToyTravel #EOSM10Rilakkuma

The winner will be selected by Vulcan Post, and will be announced by July 31, 2016.

Follow @VulcanPost to know if you’ve won and don’t forget to ‘unprivate’ your Instagram account! Have fun creating your ToyTravel photo!


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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