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If you’ve been active on social media these past few weeks, you probably have noticed one thing consistently appearing on your timelines. The influx of advertisements taking the web is perfect for setting the right mood for Hari Raya coming right up. We’re getting all warm and fuzzy thinking about family, love, forgiveness and care.

Ranging from well-known brands to smaller companies, various versions of positive messages surrounding those themes have been incorporated into these emotional advertisements. Here are 9 commercials that carry the heartfelt aspect of Aidilfitri and will have you looking forward to this joyous celebration.

  1. Petronas – Vroom Vroom

Petronas has been known to dish out some of the best Hari Raya advertisements that tug at the seams of your heart with their personal messages delivered smoothlessly and subtly. This year, they gave focus family relationships, highlighting the precious bond between father and son, and showed how important it is for you to appreciate the time spent with your loved ones.

  1. Astro – Kisah Benar Zika

Sincerity is what Astro decided to use as their base theme for their Hari Raya advertisement this year. Despite the impression that someone may not show their love and affection outwardly as much as they can or should, that does not diminish the amount of care they hold for their family. Based on a true story, the message at the end reminds us how time is precious and that every moment deserves to be cherished with all the love we have.

  1. Setia – Seindah Komuniti, Semanis Famili

Moving on from some tear-jerking commercials, Setia Bhd Group went for a more lighthearted feel along with a unique concept of seeing the Raya ambiance through the eyes of a feline. The advertisement follows the journey of a cat moving through a close-knit community that all come together and share the joy for this festive celebration, showing how Hari Raya shouldn’t just be about family but also shared with the community around us.

  1. Mydin – Selalu Di Hati

Out of all the ones listed, this may be the one that will take you on an emotional roller-coaster. Touching on the issue of losing beloved members of a family, Mydin shows the story of a woman struggling to cope with the loneliness of not having her loved ones during this festive day. The take home message? They may not be with her physically, it does not mean they are not there at all. Be sure to have tissues at hand before you take a look at this one.

  1. TM – Rezeki Yang Dikongsi Lebih Diberkati

Though Hari Raya may place a lot of stress on family bonds, Aidilfitri does not solely emphasise that. TM explores the theme of how a single act of a person is able to brighten up someone’s mood for Hari Raya by being generous and caring towards those that are not related by blood.

  1. Samsung – Siberturahim

Using what is common with the current generation, Samsung incorporated their message for Aidilfitri in a more familiar setting with youths nowadays. They focused on how modern communication methods can be used to bring family members together for this special occasion and also highlight how this season should be the time for forgiving and forgetting of any mistakes anyone may have done.

  1. TNB – #LepasTu

Whatever age we are, we can relate to making mistakes and being afraid to face the consequences. TNB brings this into their commercial revolving around a child owning up to his father on all the mistakes he had made in hopes he would be forgiven during this Aidilfitri. A really sweet message done with a trademark line that carries a nostalgic feeling on how we have all done this at one point. At least, I know I have.

  1. Maxis – #SariKataHati

Once again using the theme of modern communication, Maxis shows the struggle of parents attempting to understand the ways of Generation X and keeping up with current technology as well as how it affects their bond. The impact behind this message would resonate quite well with the younger community as it shows that despite their old age, our parents will do their best to follow the digital era if it means relating with their children a lot more.

  1. Malaysia Airlines – Boleh Adik Ikut 

Malaysia Airlines brings you through an emotional story of a little child wanting to bring her tiny friend along with her back to her hometown for Hari Raya. With a creative aspect of showing how this festive season includes everyone and should be celebrated together, this commercial wins extra brownie points for having a twist in the middle that you wouldn’t have expected.

Which advertisement was your favourite for this year? Let us know in the comments.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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