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Pokemon Go might just be in Singapore before you can get ready, and the huge amounts of guides online doesn’t help with searching.

We trawled through the internet for the important tips and here’s exactly what you absolutely need to know before Pokemon Go hits!

1. The game won’t work on Atom-powered phones and Windows OS phones.

Image Credit: windows central, gadgets.ndtv
Image Credit: windows central, gadgets.ndtv

Update: The petition for Atom phones has produced an update and Pokemon Go is compatible with Atom phones in version 0.29.2!!

Popular phones like the ASUS Zenfone 2 and the Lenovo K900 are incompatible with Pokemon GO, and Niantic has yet to announce any plans to release a atom-compatible app.

There is currently a petition for atom-powered phones, and last I checked, the update hasn’t been released yet.

To check if your phone has an Intel atom processor, simply google [your phone name] +atom processor to check.

Windows phone users have it worse as Niantic has expressed that they will not support the Windows OS at the moment.

2. You can spin the Pokeball and tap and hold it for better catch chance.

Image Credit: The Verge Youtube
Image Credit: The Verge Youtube

As you’re catching Pokemon, you can tap and hold the Pokeball for a better chance to catch the Pokemon. The color of circle tells you how easy it will be the catch the Pokemon, and as the circle gets smaller the more likely you will catch the Pokemon.

But a lesser known feature is that you can spin the ball as you hold onto it and launch a curveball at the Pokemon, giving you both better catch chance and XP as well! The ball will curve slightly, so you’ll have to master how the ball curves to catch Pokemon effectively.

3. You should quickly turn on the battery-saving option once you get the game

pokemon go battery

Once you get the game, go to the options menu and turn on battery-saving. I’d also advise you to reduce zooming in and out in-app and taking less actions in-app if possible so that your battery lasts longer.

Adjusting screen brightness and closing all background apps are also common ways to ensure your phone battery lasts longer.

If all else fails, just bring out an additional battery pack!

4. Eggs only gain progress if you’re travelling below 30 km/h

So take your dog for a walk or go for a run every weekend starting from when Pokemon Go releases. People in other countries have taken to driving in their neighbourhood slowly, but that costs a lot of money.

This player shows some hilarious life hacks for hatching eggs in Pokemon go:

On the bright side, all guys will definitely have something to do now when accompanying their girlfriends for shopping!

5. Radar: Less number of footprints = Nearer

Image Credit: gottabemobile.com
Image Credit: gottabemobile.com

The radar always shows you which Pokemon are near you, and if you keep it open while walking, you can see which Pokemon you are approaching as their positions will shift to the top.

Keep your eyes on the road though for your own safety. You can always check the app from time to time to see if you’re going in the right direction!

6. You can trade-in your extra Pokemon for power candies to upgrade your team.

Image Credit: Pokemon GO Singapore
Image Credit: Pokemon GO Singapore

You’ll get 3 candies for the particular Pokemon you’ve just caught and 1 candy for sending the caught Pokemon to Professor Willow.

Hatching Pokemon will also get you more candies, so try to hatch Pokemon in the correct egg tier to improve your team!

7. Eggs have 3 tiers: 2km, 5km and 10km. Every tier has different Pokemon!

You can save this photo for your personal use from /r/pokemongohongkong:

pokemon eggs

…and Ctrl + F for a quick look!


Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle
Caterpie Weedle Pidgey
Geodude Rattata Spearow
Pikachu Clefairy Jigglypuff
Zubat Magikarp


Ekans Sandshrew Nidoran (F) Nidoran (M) Vulpix Oddish
Growlithe Poliwag Bellsprout Tentacool Magnemite Farfetch’d
Grimer Shellder Krabby Voltorb Lickitung Koffing
Kangaskhan Horsea Tauros Paras Venonat Diglett
Meowth Psyduck Mankey Abra Machop Ponyta
Slowpoke Doduo Seel Gastly Drowzee Exeggcute
Cubone Rhyhorn Tangela Goldeen Staryu Porygon


Onix Hitmonlee Hitmonchan
Chansey Mr. Mime Scyther
Omanyte Kabuto Dratini
Jynx Electabuzz Magmar
Pinsir Lapras Evee
Aerodactyl Snorlax


8. Every major landmark in Singapore will either be a Pokestop, or a Pokemon gym.

using phones on trains

Look around your workplace and your home. If there are any churches, emergency buildings or even tourist attractions, that landmark will probably become a Pokestop or a Pokemon gym.

Personally, I hope that almost every MRT station is a Pokestop. That will make MRT rides simply awesome.

9. Pokemon Gyms are the only way to earn free Pokecoins

Image Credit: techinsider.io
Image Credit: techinsider.io


Pokecoins are the virtual currency used in Pokemon GO. You can only acquire these by either buying them or from daily rewards. You can exchange Pokecoins for Pokemon incense, lures and lucky eggs. Don’t bother buying Pokeballs with coins as you can always them from Pokestops!

Holding a Pokemon gym with the team of your choice will net you more Pokecoins in addition to your daily rewards. You’ll get 500 dust and 10 Pokecoins from each gym every 21 hours, so join the right team for your area and start collecting free Pokecoins!

10. The surroundings of the location determines what Pokemon you will see

Image Credit: Niantic
Image Credit: Niantic

This means you’ll be seeing Bulbasaurs in the Botanic Gardens, Rhyhorns at West Coast Park playgrounds and Gastly at your ancestral praying halls.

Considering most of Singapore is an urban jungle, I think we’ll be seeing plenty of Grimer, Muk, and Zubats.

11. Join social media groups to see what team dominates which part of Singapore to maximize your rewards

A list of handy Facebook groups can be found here:

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