5 Types Of Businessmen In The Corporate World. Which One Are You?

We all have met one of them at some point in our working lives. These businessmen can be our colleagues, bosses, or even friends. Better yet, we ourselves are them.

Let us take a look at who these people are, and see whether any of them are spitting images of yourself.

The Namecard Collector


We see him a lot at networking events. While it is common for people to bring a stack of namecards to give out to people they’ve just met, he has a second stack, just as thick, of namecards of everyone in the room he has shaken hands with. When he is done with one event, he shuffles to another. Sometimes people wonder, how he can fit so many namecards into his pockets.


For someone like him, he uses the ScanSnap S1100i. It is light, portable, and plug & play. So no hassles, and easy to set up wherever, and whenever he is at events, to scan all the namecards he receives in an instant.



Step into his office, and bask in the perfectly aligned furniture, decorations, and stationery on his table. Be careful when picking up anything though, you may just be glared at for disrupting his perfect utopia. He will demand perfection from anyone he works with without fail. Make sure your text document alignments are right before sending your proposals to him.

dThe ScanSnap S1300i is the perfect companion for Mr OCD. It is reliable, sturdy, and does its job well without fail, and without much fuss. Most importantly, it’s so compact, it doesn’t disrupt the utopia that its user has built around it.

The Frequent Flyer


The skies is his office. You will hardly catch him at home, much less at his desk in his workplace. He has accrued so much miles that he flies first class all the time. The moment he takes a seat, out comes his laptop to immediate do all the number crunching for his latest venture. He has dealings at all corners of the globe, and the airlines he frequents know him by name. Talk about a real VIP.


He uses the WiFi enabled ScanSnap iX100 because it symbolizes mobility, yet is a no compromise machine to get work done on the go. Also, because the iX100 has the ability to go wireless. Without being plugged in, he doesn’t have to fumble over excessive cables while doing work in the comfort of his first class seat.

The Kan Cheong Spider

Kan Cheong

You will never see him slacking off with nothing to do. Yesterday’s work was done last week, and next week’s task is over with today. He lives everyday like his last, as if he was on borrowed time. When he wants to get something done, he will get it done fast, so that he can move on to the next important task.


The Kan Cheong Spider will need a scanner capable of keeping up with his unrealistic demands, and that’s where the ScanSnap iX500 comes in. With its ability to scan colour documents at up to 25 pages per minute, and directly to mobile devices, it can certainly be as kan cheong as its user. He can now rest easy with the fact that he can scan every report in his office, from infinity and beyond.

The Anything Also Can

The (2)

Mr Positive, as many would describe him. He is a go-getter and willing to take risks to further his business. No task is too big a hill for him to overcome. You can find him doing the weirdest of ideas, but on the flipside, those stuff seem to just work out for him. Also willing to help anyone in need, should they ask for it, but then, there are those too that see his overt positivity, and saying yes to anything, as toxic behaviour.


The ScanSnap SV600 will be the go-to scanner for him. With it, he can scan the boring stuff like namecards and documents when he needs it, but when his eccentric streak kicks in, he can go on to scan any object he desires, from his favourite manga collection, to his next product idea prototype.

See yourself in any of those chaps up there? Honestly, there’s a bit of them in every one of us.
Find out more about the entire ScanSnap range at Fujitsu’s website here.


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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