Use this website to know exactly when the hit game Pokémon Go is released in your country.

Published 2016-07-14 16:49:55

I just wrote an article about how sick I’m getting of Pokémon Go and how I want people to stop being crazy. However, my editor has a twisted sense of humour, so here goes.

Yes, there is a way to check if Pokémon Go is available in your country and you can sign up so that it’ll notify you when it’s out. The proper legit way.

With this, you can cease the endless speculation and bugging of your friends and the desperate refreshing of the Play Store or App Store.


Here. Take it. Go and sign up for it and be happy in your waiting. It’s pretty simple, just click on the ‘Notify Me!’ and put in your email address. If you’re paranoid (but you’re probably not, you’re signing up for random things online), put in an email that isn’t too important to you.

Now go. I mean stop. Let me be free of this.

Feature Image Credit: coub

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