Alvin Tan will be hosting an AMA in collaboration with SPOT News, where the public will get a chance to ask him whatever has been on their minds.

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Published 2016-07-26 12:57:50

Alvin Tan is a controversial Malaysian blogger who has struck up conversations about his personal life, which included publishing R-rated material on his blog. This led to a series of events including his prosecution under the Sedition act. Alvin has since sought asylum in California where he now resides and is signed to an adult talent agency. He also has a profession in the adult industry as a male talent.

Many Malaysians will have questions to ask Alvin after the controversies surrounding him, and with this, the porn film director would be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) in partnership with SPOT News, a mobile forum and newsreader, available both on mobile and web.

The AMA which would be going ‘live’ from 27 July, 8am-8pm Malaysian Time GMT+8, will allow the public to pose some questions to Alvin. As a teaser by SPOT News, Alvin has answered 15 questions thus far, and would continue answering more during the ‘live’ AMA session.

Image Credit: SPOT News
Image Credit: SPOT News

One of the questions asked so far has been about his profession. However, one question is probably on everybody’s mind, and it was posed by the user @conancat, who asked what are Alvin’s plans for the future and would he ever return to his homeland.

Alvin answered, “Given that I’m convinced that I’ll always be a marked man in Malaysia, I’ll never return to Malaysia. Besides, I’m now firmly resettled in the United States. Why would I want to migrate from a First World country to a Third World country? As for my future plans, I plan to pursue my dream of becoming a successful porn star, and later to break into Hollywood, write professionally, and perhaps start another software business to enable me to travel the world and work from anywhere. I have zero intentions whatsoever to get married or have children.”

Alvin Tan will be answering more questions beginning 8am tomorrow (Malaysian time) on SPOT News. In order to participate in this session, Malaysians can download the SPOT News app on their smartphone.

Feature Image Credit: SPOT News

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