Its good to read on how people outside of Singapore see us, and from the looks of things, some things from the past are still lingering in their minds.

M. Shazni  |  Singapore
Published 2016-08-05 16:29:56

If you’ve never been to Reddit, you should.

It is a whole playground of diverse topics – everything from football to technology, or if you have some unique taste, some weirder subreddits too.

Today, I stumbled upon a question which, from what the answers are telling me, sheds light on how much (or little) the world knows about our sunny little island.

“Without googling, what do you think you know about Singapore?”


As with any thread under the askReddit subreddit, it always begins with an innocent question.

Right off the bat, there’s the mention of chewing gum.

Oh, and props to blevok for remembering our ‘50-year flood‘.

r0 r6 r22

Then in came some Pirates of the Caribbean fans.

r4 rr5

Quite a number also know us by our strict laws;

r7 rd0

While others heard of us because of the(in)famous Michael Fay.

cane1 cane2 r3

Then there are Redittors who explained a bit more.

Quite spot on, I must say, especially the part about us living with our parents way beyond the age of what is traditionally accepted in the west.

P.S. swypingtypos was trying to say pai seh.

rd1 rr4 rr7

And no, for the upteenth time we’re not in China.


Size is a recurring theme too.



Singaporean spotted!


NEWater had a mention too.


So did our crab dishes.r11

Yup, we’re number two in the world!


Okay, can’t say I didn’t expect most of them to appear, but to see them time and again sometimes makes for a good read on how people outside of Singapore actually see us; and from the looks of things, some things in the past will continue to define us.

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