Sunway Pyramid is hoping to attract Pokemon GO trainers from all over by placing Lure Modules at Pokestops all over the mall.

Published 2016-08-09 18:03:45

The best way to attract Pokémon is through placing lures and the best way to attract Pokémon trainers is also through the same method, because where there are Pokémon there are also trainers. A few malls in Klang Valley have decided to use this to their advantage in what seems to be the best tactic to ensure that trainers from everywhere swarm to their respective venues and the next one to join the party is Sunway Pyramid.

Sunway Pyramid Is The Place To Be

The management of Sunway Pyramid has just announced on their Facebook page of a schedule showing the exact date, time and locations where they will be placing Lure Modules throughout the mall to attract trainers from all over the area in a quest to catch lots of Pokémon.

Image Credit: Sunway Pyramid Facebook Page
Image Credit: Sunway Pyramid Facebook Page

This event will last the entire week, starting from today (9 August) and they will continue to put down lures until 14 August. They have even mentioned that if you come to the mall on Saturday (13 August) at 8PM dressed in your best Pokémon Go costume, you’ll be able to walk away with a mystery gift specially prepared by the mall themselves.

Pavilion has also launched their own Pokémon Go event where they have unleashed hundreds of lures at certain areas in their shopping mall and they have RM30 Dining Loft voucher up for grabs when you follow their Pokemon hunting trail. Up to 50 vouchers are up for grabs daily from 8 August to 14 August. More info can be found here.

Feature Image Credit: my.estateap.com

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