Singaporeans Are Boring? These 8 Underrated Local Youtubers Will Prove That Wrong

There was an era where everyone wanted to be a blogger.

I’m sure many of you still have at least one blogspot or xanga account floating around on Internet – even though you never really wrote anything substantial in it. It was just cool to have it.

Over time, it has shifted from blogs to vlogs, and while many dominating the Youtube airwaves are usually from the US, Singaporeans are also getting on with the game.

Here’s a list of Singaporean vloggers who have caught out attention:

1. Shawne Koh (@shawneydepp)

A double threat, Shawne is not only an amazing singer but also a film maker. He has videos of him singing covers of well known songs like Sorry by Justin Bieber and even Adele’s uber-famous Hello!

Furthermore, he also makes videos of his travels, such as his trips to Darwin and Boracay, which could be easily mistaken as being professionally done. He captivates his almost 2,000 subscribers with his down-to-earth personality and raw talent.

Certainly an underrated artist to check out.

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2. Erin Jung (@BeautyWithErin)

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.14.01 PM

She may only be 17, but this vlogger is also a businesswoman. At such a young age she already has a cosmetic line called Candela Cosmetics, a line which is cruelty-free, vegan and handmade.

Erin’s videos are mainly about makeup and hair tutorials, but it also includes DIY projects that viewers can follow. She currently has almost 10 thousand subscribers.

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3. HubbaBubbas (@hbbbsband)

Image Credit: HubbaBubbas

A three piece acoustic band founded in 2011, the HubbaBubbas consists of lead vocalist Stephanie Lim, guitarist Ryan Chan and beatboxer Mervyn Ye.

The trio started off as street musicians, and then played at pubs and bars such as Timbre and Wala Wala. Soon, their talents were recognised and they’ve performed at large-scale events like the SEA Games Opening Ceremony in 2015 and the Singapore Night Festival.

HubbaBubbas’ channel comprises of covers of popular songs with their own unique twist, and the band decided to take their musical talent one step further by releasing their first EP Amy(gdala) recently, on 12 August.

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4. Jazzy Tan (@sweetdosage)

The former Beauty Bound Asia contestant focuses on beauty and fashion trends, and also provides tutorials for makeup enthusiasts.

But she doesn’t stop there, the pretty brunette also shows she can be funny and relatable with videos like her most embarrassing story or when she talks about events that happened to her in the past – be it bad or good. Her brand of connecting to her viewers has worked, and she currently has over 16,000 subscribers.

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5. Eden Ang (@GardenOfEdenAng)

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 2.56.27 PM

You may recognise him from television, in Channel 5 drama Tanglin, but this star also vlogs!

Adding on to his list of skills, Eden showers us with videos of his fun times, as well has entertains us with comedic videos such as Asian Mum Logic and Boyfriend Game Over.

This local heartthrob has about 128,000 subscribers and counting.

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6. Adlina Anis (@adlinaanis)

Image Credit: Youtube

Adlina Anis started her journey in fashion design whilst studying at Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic School of Design. She was the first hijab-wearing stylist for magazines such Harper’s Bazaar and The Straits Times’ Urban. She also has her own line of clothing for Muslim women.

She mostly does tutorial videos on makeup and fashionable ways to wear a hijab. This fashionista has over 23,000 subscribers to her channel so far.

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7. Disney Dwayne

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.02.45 PM

A self-proclaimed Disney lover, Disney Dwayne talks about anything Disney related. From movie reviews, to his experience in all the different Disneylands, this child at heart will make you relive your childhood.

He was also featured on Coconuts Singapore for his breakdown during one of his vlog sessions when he realised how bad the situation was with littering and public urination happening all around the park. Yikes.

His affable personality and passion has garnered him over 1,600 subscribers to date.

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8. Brandon Tan 91

Image Credit: Brandon Tan

The only gaming vlog on this list, Brandon Tan’s channel mainly consists of his experience playing the online video games Clash of Clans. He talks about his troubles during the games, as well as provides a few tips on how to get by to the next level.

He also has a few vlogs dedicated to his travels, with one being his trip to Spain. He has over 166,000 subscribers.

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The Future Of Vloggers And Vlogging In Singapore

Though vlogging might seem to be catching on a little slow for Singapore, with all these different types of vloggers catering to the different niches, many more will be signing on pretty quickly.

Who knows, vlogging’s penetration in Singapore might even take over Instagram here!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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