Malaysians who wish to exchange their Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones, here're some answers to questions you have about exchanging them.

Published 2016-09-07 13:29:45

With the recent debacle of their newest release, the Samsung Galaxy Note7, exploding when charging, Samsung has called a worldwide recall and replacement of that phone.

For Malaysians who wish to exchange their Note7s (and you really should), Samsung Mobile Malaysia has issued a statement on their Facebook page explaining how to go about it. Malaysian units will be replaced from the 29th of September 2016 onwards.

samsung announcement

Just to clarify, if you’ve preordered the device from a mobile Telco such as Digi or Celcom, you may exchange your Galaxy Note7 at the place of purchase, which is that original place of collection. Similarly, if you’ve bought it from a store like Sen Heng or Courts, then return to that store to get the replacement.

Samsung Mobile Malaysia has also confirmed that they will be offering a free 1-year screen crack protection and a free tempered glass as a compensation for the trouble their users have to go through in replacing the unit.

samsung replacement

They have also stated that the new warranty period will be from the time users receive the new mobiles.

samsung warranty

Samsung has currently stopped all sales of the Note7 in Malaysia and they have not announced when sales will resume.

For now, it’s probably better to just charge your phone away from other items in case of any explosions. Don’t use it while charging and don’t place it near you when charging. If possible, if you want to be really safe, use other handsets until you get your replacement the 29th of September.

Feature Image Credit: Compiled from galaxynote7info.com & reddit.com / crushader

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