Startups in Malaysia can look forward to MaGIC Academy 2016, a chance for them to network and be mentored by industry experts from all over the world.

Published 2016-09-09 14:57:54

As an entrepreneur, you probably should be trying to get all the help you can from the more experienced who can share the secrets behind their successes and failure. It’s easier to have someone in the know point out pitfalls or spot your strengths that even you might not be fully aware of.

We’ve handpicked several talks and workshops which we think would be the most relevant for startups in the industry and included them in the list below. All of the speakers have excelled in their fields and are more than qualified to speak about the topics they are headlining.

1. Beyond Crowdfunding: Power of Crowd in Networking Development (Talk)

Image Credit: MaGIC Academy
Image Credit: MaGIC Academy

The speaker, Frank DeGeorge is the Co-Founder & CEO of YouStake. Frank started his journey as an entrepreneur since age 16, was previously at Merrill Lynch as a FINRA Series 7 licensed representative in Wealth Management and part of the MGM Resorts International in Management Associate Program.

This talk will be ideal for any startup that is looking to build a community around their product or brand. For startups that rely on user engagement and building conversations around what they do, this would be a great way to learn more.

2.Managing Disruption Both In Terms Of Opportunity & Challenges (Talk)

Image Credit: MaGIC Academy
Image Credit: MaGIC Academy

Uber is no stranger to disrupting entire industries, so having Senthil Balan, the present Director of Business Development-SE Asia speak on this topic is a no-brainer.

There are many startups that do hope to disrupt whatever ecosystems they are part of, and often, managing this can be tricky. Someone in a company that is actively doing just that should be able to bring many key learning points and tips.

3. Getting Startups Past The Infancy Stage (Workshop)

Image Credit: MaGIC Academy
Image Credit: MaGIC Academy

Many startups would love to have an app to leverage off and allow them to reach out to and engage with their customers, but might not know how to go about developing one. Andreas Bezamat-Homer of Microsoft is amply qualified to give the help they need.

This workshop will cover how to build and scale a 5-star and help participants understand the lopsided dynamics of both the App Store and Google Play.

Any startup that has ever wanted to develop an app or that already has an app but wants to make it better can benefit from joining this.

4.From 0 To USD1M In Funding (Workshop)

Image Credit: MaGIC Academy
Image Credit: MaGIC Academy

Most startups would not say no to more funding, and this workshop is geared towards helping them.

This workshop is run by Ricardo Vice Santos and Andreas Blixt, co-founders of Roger, a first-of-its-kind voice platform and walkie-talkie app. At the beginning of this year, Roger landed a USD1 million seed round, so these guys know what they’re talking about.

Ricardo is also a founding member of Spotify’s U.S Engineering team and was also recognised as one of the top 100 most creative influencers by Fast Company.

5. Products That Solve Problems (Talk)

Image Credit: MaGIC Academy
Image Credit: MaGIC Academy

Katarina Szulenyiova, the Asia Regional Manager of Seedstars has spent the past two years identifying the most investable seed-stage startups across 17 Asian countries for Seedstars World.

Her insights and her experience should help deliver insights to startups wondering how to make their products better or more marketable to investors for funding.

MaGIC Symposium 2016

MaGIC will be running MaGIC Academy 2016 (#MA2016) for the third time this year and it is set to gather serial entrepreneurs, founders, philanthropists, investors, corporate leaders and startup enthusiasts from all around the world.

Other than the ones listed above, there are a lot more workshops and talks running from the 21st to the 23th of September with a Career Fair on the 24th of September. You can find out more here.

Participants can look forward to hearing from keynote speakers such as Girls in Tech CEO Adriana Gascoigne, Tinder Head of International Growth Sriram Krishnan, Uber Director of Business Development Senthil Balan, FashionValet CoFounder, Fadzarudin Anuar and 500 Startups Partner Vishal Harnal.

Tickets are available here, and remember to use the code MA2016ROCK to enjoy Early Bird rates until the 10th of September 2016. An all 3-Day Pass Ticket with Early Bird rates RM220 (Normal RM300), and a Daily Pass Ticket costs RM80 (Normal RM 120).

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from industry experts to make your startup even better.

Feature Image Credit: MaGIC

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