AIA Vitality rewards healthy choices, like eating right, working out in the gym or having a health screening. This is a list of some rewards and discounts.

Published 2016-11-07 10:56:58

If you practise a healthy lifestyle, you’re probably aware of the benefits such as a lowered risk of disease, feeling better about your appearance and reduced stress levels.

However, thanks to a unique insurance and health programme, you can now get the support and be rewarded for making healthier choices every day to live a healthier, longer and better life.

AIA Vitality rewards your every effort to make healthy choices, like eating right, working out in the gym or having a health screening. As part of the programme, you gain points for carrying out these activities.

Image Credit: AIA Vitality
Image Credit: AIA Vitality

The more points you earn, the higher your AIA Vitality Status, and in turn your rewards. Other than the rewards that are earned via points, there are also exclusive benefits that can be immediately redeemed. With or without accumulation of points, there are benefits for everyone, as long as you are healthy.

We’ve compiled a list of those rewards here so you know what you stand to gain, besides better physical and mental wellbeing, of course.

1. Up to 50% Off For AirAsia Flights

Image Credit: Wikimedia
Image Credit: Wikimedia

If you’re planning to travel on AirAsia anytime soon, you can enjoy up to 50% off Low Fare (basic economy class) AirAsia flights, depending on your AIA Vitality status. And it’s not just you who gets to enjoy this reward. If you’re travelling with a family member or friend, your accompanying passenger can also enjoy a 10% discount for the flight.

2. Up to 50% Off Marriott International Hotels

Since you’re already flying off somewhere with your AirAsia flight discount, why not stay in a Marriott branded hotel while you’re at it? Aside from the 15% off that all AIA Vitality Members are entitled to, you can get an additional discount in the form of a cashback.

3. Up to 50% Off Berjaya Hotels And Resorts

Image Credit: Berjaya
Image Credit: Berjaya

If Cuti-Cuti Malaysia is more of your style, take your discounted AirAsia flight to a destination within Malaysia and enjoy your stay at a Berjaya hotel or resort instead. With resorts on beautiful beaches or hotels located in bustling city centres, you can have your ideal holiday without having to leave the country.

4. Complimentary Subscription To The Digital Edition Of Men’s Health Or Women’s Health Magazine

As you’re lounging in your destination holiday location, you might want to do some light reading, nothing related to work, of course. Pull out your tablet or phone and scroll through your complimentary edition of Men’s Health or Women’s Health Magazine.

5. 25% Off Selected Medklinn Products

MedKlinn develops healthcare products worldwide, with a focus on air cleaning and sterilising devices. We know that the air quality isn’t the best particularly in our city centres, so having these can help clean the air and keep us healthier.

There’re even air sterilisers for your car available, so next time you’re stuck in a traffic jam, at least the air you’re breathing is clean.

6. Up To 50% Off Fitness First Gym Memberships & No Joining Fee

Image Credit: Fitness First
Image Credit: Fitness First

Members can get an upfront discount of 20% on a 12-month membership fee and an extra 30% cashback every calendar quarter when they work out 24 times or more in that calendar quarter at Fitness First.

On top of that, members can earn 100 AIA Vitality Points a day when they work out at Fitness First. This can be extra motivation to help us keep fit and active.

If you’re not sure exactly how fit you are and you want to find out, you can get a free AIA Vitality Fitness Assessment done that will assess and identify your current fitness level. You don’t need to sign up for the gym membership to get this perk, and you can earn extra AIA Vitality Points if your results are within the recommended healthy range.

7. 25% Discount Off Selected Fitness Tracking Devices

Image Credit: m.ua
Image Credit: m.ua

If you’re looking for a way to measure and monitor your health, you can consider getting a Fitbit or Garmin GPS enabled device. With these tracking devices, you are able to monitor your activities such as the number of steps taken, distance, calories burned, activity intensity, heart rate and quality of sleep.

AIA Vitality members get not only a 25% discount off for up to 2 fitness devices each calendar year, but they can also earn AIA Vitality Points for workouts tracked.

8. Discounts For Health Screenings At BP Healthcare Centres

You know you need them, but often, you neglect to go for your health screenings. However if you’ve never been for one, it is highly recommended that you should. Some tests should be done once a year or once every two years.

As part of the AIA Vitality programme, start off with AIA Vitality Health Check at 50% off from BPHC to know your Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, blood glucose and Total Cholesterol Level readings. Other advance health screenings are also available at a discount.

Members can also get discounts off vaccinations for diseases such as the flu, Hepatitis B and HPV Cervarix & FOBT.

9. 25% Off Reebok Gear

While working out, it is also important that you have the right gear. As an AIA Vitality member, you can also get 25% discount on all Reebok gear from any Royal Sporting House, Stadium, Studio R or Reebok boutique in Malaysia.

AIA Vitality hopes that its members will find life more rewarding as they take charge of their health. They are providing a strong network of support and benefits to help them in their goals to live healthier. Head over to the website and fill out a simple form for more information on how to live healthier, longer and better life.

Feature Image Credit: destination.com, Reebok, Marriott 

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