Singaporean App, Binge Boutiques, aims to create a community for independent labels. The shopping app features apparels for men, women and kids.

Charmaine Lim  |  Singapore
Published 2016-09-22 12:32:19

“We really liked the way the word, Binge, stuck in our heads when we said it.” – Jonathan Ng (Co-founder)

Binge. What an addictive word for an addictive activity. Binge. Binge. Binge.

In this modern age of mobile phones never leaving our hands, Binge Boutiques was created to provide mobile shopping experience to “binge on independent label shopping” anytime, anywhere.

This Singaporean-made app, Binge, is set to create a community for independent labels not limited to Singapore, but for other countries as well.

From left, Jianming Tan, Georgina Scott, and Jonathan Ng, Co-founders of Binge.
From left, Jianming Tan, Georgina Scott, and Jonathan Ng, Co-founders of Binge. | Image Credit: Binge

Co-founders, Georgina Scott, Jianming Tan, Jonathan Ng, are in their twenties.

With no intention of taking a commission from listed labels, they’ve developed this brainchild to support the growth of independent labels.

“Over the years, we have seen really awesome independent labels that we thought would really sell. We strongly believe in a genuine platform where not just users, but labels are proud and happy to be a part of,” said Jonathan, 23.

“We wish to give our labels the best platform to build their own brands and identity, allowing them to build a presence in different markets.”

Away from cluttered design, the Binge Boutiques team makes sure that the app is kept minimalistic and beautiful.

Binge Boutiques has more than 40 independent labels listed on their app. Though majority of the brands are Singaporean, there’s also 1 Hong Kong brand, 9to6; and 1 Thailand brand, Grounder.

Here’s a brief overview of items you can find on the Binge app:

For the ladies

WOMEN: Chill and chic dresses for casual occasions versus the cute and colourful underwear for young girls and fun-loving ladies.

For the guys

MEN: Men can binge shop for men’s tees, jackets, watches, sunglasses and wallets. There are a lot more brands coming up for you to discover.

And for both!

MEN & WOMEN: Accessorise yourself with a favourite iPhone cover, tote bag or bracelet to fit your outfit of the day. If flip flops are too sloppy, dress your feet with colourful sandals suitable for both sexes.

For the kids

YOUNG AT HEART: Tiny trinkets for mini yummy surprises, or rings and necklaces for the more sophisticated her. Even adorable baby clothes can be found on Binge for your little human.

Binge's swipe and bookmark function
Binge’s swipe and bookmark function

An alternative way of shopping is the awesome swipe function lets you quickly browse, swipe and ‘bookmark’ the item.

Click the little Binge icon on the bottom left and choose from categories like accessories, bags, clothing. Once you’ve narrowed down the results, simply swipe left to see the next item or swipe right to add to your wish list.

“The goal for us right now is to feature all independent labels and their wonderfully unique products. Therefore when we select our labels, we focus on their uniqueness and quality of their products,” said Jonathan.

By becoming a platform that focuses on a community of independent labels, Binge Boutiques rose to one of the top 50 shopping apps in Singapore after launching in July.

The Binge App is available on Apple store and Google Play.

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