Singapore-Made Phone Case Calls Itself “Anti-Gravity”, But All It Does Is Stick To Flat Surfaces

Don’t you wish you had more than two hands when you need to watch a video or play a game on your phone, but your hands are occupied with either cooking to some other work?

That means having to give up on the entertainment, or for those who are more daring, risking the life of your phone by juggling them all. But of course, the latter option would normally result in a broken phone or cracked screen along with shouts of “Oh no!”.

So how do we solve this problem then?

Image Credit: meme generator
Image Credit: meme generator

Well, a Singapore company has the answer.

DP Electronics is an innovative company that has created a solution to this worldwide problem – a phone case which sticks to anywhere, and everywhere!

“Anti-Gravity Phone Case”

After years of research and development with the use of nano technology (according to them), the company created a phone case which is able to stick on a majority of smooth surfaces such as glass, mirror, white board, and tiles.

Anti-gravity phone case even sticks to laptop screens
It even sticks to laptop screens

According to their website, the “Anti-Gravity Phone Case” is perfect for streaming videos, hands-free selfies, video calling with friends and doing makeup while watching tutorials.

Worried that it would leave annoying residue due to its stickiness? The case is claimed to be non-sticky, and leaves its surface just the way it was originally.

Real Or Not?

Now, you might be thinking that the phone would not be able to stick on these surfaces for a long period of time, leading to the possibility that it would also lead to a broken phone.

But DP Electronics has put their case to the test and showed that even at almost the 40 minute mark, the case is still stuck to the glass with no signs of dropping anytime.

Here is the video taken from their Facebook Page:

Who Can Get It?

The phone case is available for iPhone 5, 6 and even the newly released iPhone 7. However, it is not available for those with an iPhone 7 plus at the moment.

Samsung phone users fret not – the case is also obtainable for the latest Samsung Note and Edge iterations as well.

A person using the anti-gravity case while cooking
A person using the anti-gravity case while cooking

The original cost of the phone case is $52.90, but it is currently being sold at a discounted price of $35.90 for the flash sale period. The sale ends on 25 September so it’s best to get it as soon as possible!

Possible Users And Uses

With this new case out in Singapore, we can imagine a variety of situations where it will be helpful.

Bigo users now have the opportunity to live stream their videos without straining their hands or using a tripod. Just slap the phone on a wall, mirror or window and you can go crazy with whatever you want to show your viewers!

It also works well for large group selfies, and there is no need for the selfie stick anymore. Sticking the phone on a high surface also ensures the camera is able to capture all, whereas the selfie stick has a limit to which it can extend.

Youtubers who deal with makeup and wacky, extremely physical antics are also able to benefit from the case as they wouldn’t need an expensive camera, tripod or someone to film them when they can now do it themselves.


The idea itself isn’t exactly original.

Brands such as Mega Tiny Corporation have already come out with an anti-gravity phone case. Those of which are currently available on online shopping sites Q0010 and Carousell are sold at a much cheaper price as well.

Anti-gravity phone case sold at Qoo10

This new case also isn’t exactly “anti-gravity”. If it really was as such, it would make our phones float in mid-air, no? The case also sticks only onto flat surfaces, so its use is limited in that way as well.

However, kudos to the team for the effort in solving a long-time problem – even though it isn’t the first of its kind, the fact that it was created on our little red dot is definitely a proud moment.

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