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Global dating app Tinder is partnering with Spotify to allow users to broadcast their personal ‘Anthem’ on their profiles.

Users will be able to explore their matches’ top songs and any song choices they have in common.

Regardless of whether Tinder users are Spotify subscribers, they can pick an ‘Anthem’ and play previews of their potential matches’ favourite songs from their Tinder profiles.

Spotify members will have the added benefit of seeing artistes they have in common with their potential match, by connecting their Spotify accounts to the Tinder app.

According to the official release, here’s all you need to do to get started:

“Music is an important part of making new connections and getting to know existing ones,” Tinder CEO Sean Rad said regarding the partnership.

“Just like you go to the bar that plays your favorite music, you’re likely attracted to the people at that bar who enjoy the same music.

“We want to do the same thing with the Spotify integration.”


This article originally appeared on The Playbook, and was written by Daniel Lim.

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