With rumours of an upcoming election coming soon, Malaysians should exercise their rights to vote and ensure that they are registered beforehand for GE14.

Published 2016-09-27 12:11:00

With speculations of the next Malaysian general election (GE14) being pushed forward to as early as March 2017 from the August 2018 deadline, Malaysians should be prepared to gear up and be ready to place their votes soon. However, according to this article in June, a reported 4.2 million Malaysians have yet to register as voters.

Unconfirmed rumours online say that the processing for registrations can take in between 3 to 6 months. If GE14 is set for as early as March 2016, then anyone who wishes to register should go and do so before the month of September ends, or risk losing their voting rights for the elections this time round.

Even if the elections are not as early as March, it’s always better to be prepared. After all, if you’re a citizen of this country, voting is your right, and one you should exercise.

To register as a voter, simply head over to any post office or SPR office, with your IC and fill out a simple form.

To check if you’re a registered voter, go to the Semakan Daftar Pemilih (Voter Registration Check) section of the SPR website, fill in your IC number, and hit the ‘Semak’ (Check) button.

Screenshot of the SPR Website.
Screenshot of the SPR Website.

If you’ve already registered, a new page with your details and a yellow bar saying, “DAFTAR PEMILIH YANG TELAH DISAHKAN” (A Confirmed Registered Voter) should load up.

If you aren’t registered, the screen will load for a while, and nothing will show up (we tried this with a few different IC numbers, but we aren’t sure if this is supposed to happen).

So ensure that you’ve registered and are ready to cast your vote when the time comes.

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