These Tesla Model S cars are brought in by the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation in partnership with the Malaysian government.

Published 2016-09-28 12:04:40

An automotive news website announced recently that the first batch of Tesla Model S is now on its way to Malaysia. These cars are coming in as part of the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia), in partnership with the Malaysian government.

According to the report, the first batch consists of 10 Model S sedans with 9 Model S 70’s and 1 Model S P90D.

Greentech has been actively working towards introducing the public to electric cars, in order to raise awareness of electric vehicles (EV) in Malaysia. In late 2015, they brought in two Tesla Model S cars of their own for research and development.

This initiative is supported by our Prime Minister, who visited the Tesla Motors Inc. headquarters in California and said, “We want to create a more sustainable environment. Tesla is a leader in electric vehicles and they have achieved many milestones with the Model S.”

Following his visit, he ordered 100 Model S sedans to be imported to Malaysia for use by “Government-linked Companies” (GLC). The 100 units are duty-exempt, and the Greentech CEO has said that he hopes to be able to deliver all units by the end of 2016.

Unfortunately, members of the public who wish to get their hands on the cars will probably have to wait a little longer, as the cars will be offered on two-year leases to the GLCs and not made available to individuals and private companies yet.

It should be noted that the Tesla company has no presence here and will be unable to support users with service centres, charging infrastructures, internet coverage for navigation or software updates, which are arguably very important for the optimum Tesla experience.

However, last year, GreenTech launched its ChargEV network which is geared towards giving a uniform, corporate identity for EV charging stations in the country. They are expected to be announcing developments about the programme at this year’s International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition (IGEM 2016) beginning on October 5th.

It’s to be hoped that all this does spark Tesla’s interest in officially coming over to our shores, allowing the public access to their vehicles.

Feature Image Credit: guideautoweb.com

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