This Shoppable Magazine Helps Online Shoppers Find their Best Apparel Sizes

Getfash.com, a local shoppable fashion & lifestyle magazine, just launched a feature that makes it easier for their readers to decide what apparel size to choose when shopping online.

Online shoppers may find that getting the right clothing size can be a kind of gamble, especially so when there are so many stores offering a large variety of sizes. The hassle of sending back the wrong size can hinder shoppers from trying out new online fashion brands, or new dressing styles.

Getfash’s Suggested Size
Getfash’s Suggested Size

Getfash’s Size Suggestion Tool allows readers to store their chest, waist, and hip measurements and recommends sizes of apparels featured in content that would best fit them.

It compares the reader’s vital statistics with those of the apparel, and eliminates sizes that are too small or too big. To find a size that won’t sit too loosely on the body, the tool also considers the gap between the user’s body size and the item’s measurements.

Getfash’s Size Recommendation Settings
Getfash’s Size Recommendation Settings

The Story

Getfash.com is about shoppable style inspiration for the style-conscious individual. The digital publication makes their content shoppable by featuring products from merchants mainly based in Southeast Asia that readers can consider buying to bring inspiration to life.

We spoke to Getfash CEO, Gerald Tan to find out more about the driving force behind the local startup.

“Fashion plays a big part in the way people carry themselves,” says Gerald.

“We started Getfash because we wanted to get people excited about dressing up. By curating trendy, relevant style ideas and adding a shopping experience, inspiration can go straight into the readers’ wardrobes.”

Fashion Innovation

When asked about the company’s plan in the local fashion industry, Gerald mentioned that their aim is to connect local merchants directly with a community of avid shoppers.

“With the size suggestion tool, we hope to give our readers, the shoppers, the confidence to try out different styles and new brands they might not have heard of.”

He also added that the team is working on a new, scalable marketing tool that allows more fashion brands and merchants to benefit from their shoppable magazine.

Are you an online shopper? Try Getfash’s size suggestion tool here.

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