With a pair from Malaysia recently breaking the record for Most Costume Change Illusions Under 1 Minute, this new duo upped the game with their performance.

Published 2016-10-04 16:40:54

If you’re the kind who takes almost 10 minutes facing your wardrobe and contemplating hard on what to wear for the day, your mind will surely be blown away by this Malaysian magician duo who performed one of the trickiest illusions in the industry and broke a Guinness World Record with it.

In celebration of the upcoming national holiday week in China, a theme park in Wuhan, Hubei called Happy Valley invited a range of talented magicians to perform at the venue throughout the special occasion last Wednesday.

It was here where these two slick magicians made an attempt to break the Guinness World Record title for the Most Costume Change Illusions in one minute by an individual, a record previously held by fellow Malaysians known as Mark and Pinky from Vivas Magic from their performance at Sunway Pyramid on 11 September.

Avery Chin and Sylvia Lim left the audience astounded as they accomplished a total of 18 changes of 19 costumes, breaking the previous record of 16 changes of 17 costumes.

A representative from Guinness World Records, Charles Wharton, was present during the magical event to ensure that all the rules were followed. One of the rules included that after every ‘reveal’, a completely different costume must be worn, and there can be no evidence of the previous outfit.

The crowd was already mesmerised seeing the rapid pace of Sylvia donning different outfits in a matter of seconds but it was the finale that left everyone completely speechless.

At the end, Sylvia stepped away from her initial position where Avery then threw a bag of confetti over her head, revealing her last and possibly most impressive costume change illusion which was from a short blue dress into a long white gown.

Image Credit: youtube.com
Image Credit: youtube.com

The entire attempt was live-streamed on Youku, a Chinese video hosting platform, and has since been spread around on social media with many Malaysians leaving comments on how impressed they were at the duo’s performance.

Watch the video below:

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