Published 2016-10-05 12:42:26

While some of us (guilty, as charged) were sleeping last night, Google unleashed 2 of its smartphone offerings – Pixel and Pixel XL, at its “Made By Google” event.

Our previous article has already gone through the more technical aspects of the phone, but what does the internet think about it?

Other than taking the mickey out of the names of the colours available, most of the comments were centred around its hefty pricetag and likeness to competitor Apple’s iPhone.

Regardless, here are some responses we found which can only be described, in true Pixel style, as “quite, really, and very” hilarious.

The Internet Reacts

This Twitter user who realised the eerie similarities between the Pixel and iPhone 7’s default wallpaper:

This one who addressed the elephant in the room:

This one who basically said “Thanks, but no thanks”:

This one who reminded us that even big corporations suffer from “Sorry, username taken.”:

This one who gave us goosebumps of the worst kind thinking back on Apple’s Keynote:

Because nostalgia is in, no?

And this Redditor that wasn’t buying into the steep price, regardless of how promising it looks:

"They've lost their minds."
“They’ve lost their minds.”

This other one though…


This one who’s probably into #dailywisdom:

“They’re all friggin phones.”

Brutal AF.

“Extra blue.”

Pure, pure evil.

What are some of the funniest reactions that you’ve come across? Let us know!

Feature Image Credit: engadget.com / @thepixelgeek

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