This Krew Is Crowd-Sourcing M’sian Talent And Wants To Pay Them—If They Deserve It

Talent can be discovered in the most unexpected way. Whether it be through your own circle of friends who has been honing a certain skill under the radar or a performer you happen to see on the streets, there now exists many means on finding young talent out there.

But this does not make it easier for brands to form a relationship with these talents.

So, in order to ease the process, Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) and Monad International Sdn Bhd have now collaborated to bring together a platform where talent everywhere in Malaysia can gather for brands to tap into, and it is called KreativeCrew.

The Idea Behind The Platform 

KreativeCrew is a new creative content crowd-sourcing community platform where the aim of the game is to facilitate and inspire the development of top local content producers and match them with brands seeking the exact type of talent they have.

“We realise that a lot of talents around Malaysia tend to do freelancing jobs in order to express their passion. So this platform was built with the intention of reaching into the untapped creative talent market in Malaysia. We basically wanted an avenue where raw and undiscovered talent can emerge and showcase what they’ve got to brands looking for new skilled people,” said Daniel Cerventus, managing director of Monad International to Vulcan Post.

After running the WWWoW Awards for six years, Digi realised they were missing the opportunity to meet a lot of talented individuals outside of those who participated in the Digi awards. So it was from there that they decided to collaborate with the telecom service in hopes it could change the way talents and brands work together in the future.

One of the major incentives for people to try out the website is the fact that the entries that are accepted by the curator of the campaign will be rewarded with fees matching the depth and complexity of the projects.

“Not only do we want KreativeCrew to be an avenue for people to express their talent in the most creative way they can, we want them to also be able to make money too. It’s only right to reward those who deserve it,” said Daniel.

How It Works

Screenshot of the website’s main page.

The overall idea of KreativeCrew is that brands and other organisations will set up briefs on the platform. A community of photographers, designers, illustrators, copywriters and videographers who are connected to KreativeCrew will then go on to create and submit their best work to suit the needs of the projects.

Kreative Crew allows individuals from all over the country to sign up for free and submit their own ideas for creative content briefs that have been curated by the moderators of the website. The briefs are known as ‘campaigns’.

So how does it work if you’re entering the site as a talent looking for a chance to show what you’ve got?

Once you have accessed the site and registered yourself an account, you’re able to browse through the campaigns available and pick the ones that interest you. The campaigns are arranged according to those which are still active and seeking for entries while the other section consists of the campaigns that have ended.

Example of a campaign still active.
Example of a campaign still active.

As you can see above, all the info needed regarding the campaign is listed. The category section is to give you a clear idea on the format the organisers hope to see your entries are submitted in.

The ‘Time left’ counter would show the remaining hours or days left till the campaign sessions and once it is about to end such as in the picture, it will then end and no more further submissions can be sent.

So now all that is left for you as a talent is to cater your skills according to what is requested by the campaign and submit it before the due date. Once the entry is submitted, the organiser of the campaign will then personally inform the talent through the site on whether their entry was accepted according to their terms and conditions. The reward will be given later.

Examples of campaigns that have ended.
Examples of campaigns that have ended.

The campaigns that are uploaded correlate to an event happening during that particular day or a theme that is trending at that moment. The conditions of the campaign usually range from uploading videos to pictures to even gifs.

I appreciate the fact that the demands of the campaigns aren’t too complicated or taxing as it is something that can actually be done in minutes once the idea is there. This provides talents everywhere a wide field to play around with and express their creativity so long as it fits the theme.

Also, being rewarded for just uploading a gif of my pet cat doing something ridiculous? Sign me up.

Future Of Talent Search

When asked what the next plan is for KreativeCrew, Daniel expressed his excitement in involving NGOs onto their platform in order to provide a broader scope of campaigns to talents out there.

“We want KreativeCrew to allow people the opportunity to support social causes they are passionate about while also getting rewarded for it. Though the rewards for these campaigns may not be in monetary form, we hope the initiative to make a change for a cause they advocate for would inspire youths to use their talent for our community as well,” said Daniel.

Seeing as how KreativeCrew is still in its early testing phase, Daniel and his fellow team members have mentioned they are always open into exploring other options to make the experience of using the platform as engaging as it can be. KreativeCrew will be expanding to include briefs from other commercial brands in the near future with more features to follow suit.

“This is a great opportunity for students in the creative industry or even amateurs to get involved and be rewarded for their ideas and talent. We are not limiting the platform to those who are already in advertising or marketing and in fact encourage those outside it to participate. Sometimes, what we need is a whole new perspective on branding and content development which is the purpose of setting up Kreative Crew,” Digi marketing services head Chan May Ling said in a statement.

Feature Image Credit: theskop.com

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