These Malaysian entrepreneurs went through the e-Usahawan programme and emerged from it to start or push their businesses to the next level.

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Published 2016-10-10 12:34:22

Considering how everything is online these days, many entrepreneurs regardless of the scale of their business will soon have to adapt to the changes and switch their mode of business.

eUsahawan is an initiative by MDEC to implement the knowledge and values of digital entrepreneurship amongst microentrepreneurs or members of the public who are interested to delve into business. The participants undergo an short-term digital entrepreneurship course in selected institutions. This course is open to microentrepreneurs who already have a potential marketable product.

Here are 6 Malaysians who managed to learn the valuable skills of entrepreneurship and are running successful e-businesses—and they did it all within 9 months!

1. Herlindayani Binti Soddin

Image Credit: Herlindayani Binti Soddin Instagram page
Image Credit: Herlindayani Binti Soddin Instagram page

Herlindayani is a fashion-savvy lass. Although she graduated with a Certificate of Computer System and Support at a community college in Tawau, Sabah, she chose to venture into fashion instead.

Today, the 21-year-old sells fashion and lifestyle products through her Instagram page. After just 4 months of joining MDEC’s eUsahawan programme, she managed to achieve 5-figure accumulated online sales.

The best part of joining the programme is that through this, she has managed to support her siblings in their education and now they do not have to rely heavily on her parents for their schooling funds.

2. Nurul Izzati Binti Mohamad Ngalami

Image Credit: Nurul Izzati Binti Mohamad Ngalami
Image Credit: Nurul Izzati Binti Mohamad Ngalami

Izzati originates from Negeri Sembilan and she is the owner behind a canopy service in Selangor which has been in business for the past 3–4 years. The 21-year-old comes from a family of 7 and she has never dabbled in online business prior to this.

Thus far, she has managed to earn an estimated 5-figure accumulated sales from her venture, known as Ainiz Cahaya Enterprise. Izzati noted how she had zero knowledge on business management prior to the programme and it has helped her tremendously.

Izzati shared with Vulcan Post, “Through MDEC’s eUsahawan programme, they helped me on the proper way to manage my business. Now I have a steady flow of customers for my canopy services, especially during the weekends.”

3. Badrul Ekhwan Bin Abdul Razak

Image Credit: Badrul Ekhwan Bin Abdul Razak
Image Credit: Badrul Ekhwan Bin Abdul Razak

This ex-student of a Diploma in Business Management might have known that his calling was in the line of business. However, that does not mean that everything would be as smooth-sailing as he thought it would be.

Badrul comes from a family of 5 siblings, with his father working as a driver and his mother is a housewife. Through the eUsahawan programme, he managed to gain the independence of running his own business and did not have to be dependent on his family in order to make his venture a success.

Through the programme, Badrul managed to attain an accumulative sales of around 5 figures for his urban clothing brand known as Medivurl My. Through this, he has also managed to support his younger siblings’ education.

4. Suriani Binti Chiee

Image Credit: Suriani Binti Chiee

Sue JC Design is 21-year-old Suriani’s blood and sweat. She had always enjoyed fashion and pursued a certificate in fashion and clothing during her tertiary days at the Kuching Community College. She decided to take on the eUsahawan course by MDEC while in college, and it has helped her to achieve the successes that she has today.

In the 7 months that she pursued the programme, she has managed to earn RM17,000 through accumulated sales online and offline. Suriani shared with Vulcan Post that she learned about the importance of having key business elements such as an up-and-running Facebook page.

For the past 10 months, the business has been going strong and she noted that without the help of MDEC, it would have taken a longer time to grow. The programmed helped to expedite the process and she now owns 2 brick-and-mortar boutiques in Kuching and Malacca, on top of her online business.

5. Siti Nur Shuhada Binti Mohd Azmi

Image Credit: Siti Nur Shuhada Binti Mohd Azmi
Image Credit: Siti Nur Shuhada Binti Mohd Azmi

28-year-old Siti is a health product entrepreneur and the owner behind Forever Living Products, an online business which specialises in aloe vera gels.

Prior to joining the eUsahawan programme, the Science Information Management graduate earned a monthly offline sales of RM2k. After 9 months, she managed to earn RM29,850 in accumulated sales.

“MDEC helped teach me how to manage my online business and I have been in this business for the past 1 year and 4 months. Without MDEC’s help, I probably would not have been able to manage my online business,” Siti shared.

6. Mohd Yusni & Marjan

Image Credit: Mohd Yusni & Marjan
Image Credit: Mohd Yusni & Marjan

This husband and wife tag team have developed 2 products which they believed strongly in. The products were herbal soaps known as “Marjan Sabun Herba”and herbs drinks known as “Penawar Sangap Ketum”.

Still, they only had an average of RM5,000 of monthly sales and considering how they had spent much time and effort in perfecting their product, the number did not reflect their efforts. That was when they decided to join the eUsahawan programme.

Within 9 months of the programme, they managed to earn a whopping accumulated online sales of RM 287,000 and a consistent monthly sales of around RM 30,000. They also gained more than 15,500 total Facebook likes on their posts in 9 months. In fact they have status updates that have gone viral with over 2.5k shares.

It is clear to see that there is a market for their products and through the programme, they learnt the right way to position themselves in the saturated world of e-business.

What the eUsahawan programme helped these 6 Malaysians achieve is the broadening of the skills which they might already have possessed, and to allow them to reach the highest potential which they are able to.

To emulate the success of these budding local entrepreneurs, click here and sign up for a course which just might shift the trajectory of your business in the long run!

This article is brought to you by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). 

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