Carousell user featherlit's listing of 3 Snorlax plushies for sale at $250 each got our attention, but what really stood out was his desperate plea.

Published 2016-10-13 11:36:58

It was a good intention gone wrong.

Yesterday, Carousell user featherlit posted a listing which caught the attention of not only the Internet, but even Channel 8’s news.

Putting up 3 Giant (we’re not kidding, they’re 1.5m tall) Snorlax plushies for sale at S$250 each, what really stood out was his desperate plea in its description:

Screenshot of his Carousell listing
Screenshot of his Carousell listing
His plea to the Carousell community
His plea to the Carousell community

He even took to Facebook and shared his story on Pokemon GO Punggol’s group, possibly as a bid to appeal to an even larger crowd who obviously loves their Snorlax.

A kind soul also shared his post on the 70k+ member Pokemon GO Singapore group.

Among the guffaws, there were those sympathetic to his situation, and even offered to buy the burden off him lest no one else wanted to fork out money and space for the Snorlaxes:

“I am willing to give up half my room space for one of these”
“Will give up my room space”
“I sacrifice myself and my room for u. Bro.”

At around midnight, local news/entertainment outlet Channel 8 also ran the story, and reported that all 3 fellas were already sold out.

However, there were some who were theorising that he might have used this as an opportunity to make a quick buck.

Screenshot from Channel 8’s report

“Each one for $250? Does he still want to make money from this? JB’s night markets sell this for only RM$75. If he sincerely wanted to save the marriage, he should donate it to an orphanage or just throw them away…this was his own silly move anyway~”

Screenshot from Channel 8’s report

“Funny but not honest! This is Daigou’s web price. Even the most expensive option won’t hit S$180. If he used ezbuy prime, he could even get it at S$100!”

It’s honestly difficult to say if he got the original from Premium Bandai or a knockoff online, but the former would have cost him 52,000yen (~S$694) – and this is without shipping costs.

So if we were to give him to benefit of the doubt…S$250 is really quite a bargain.

Needless to say, the fact that there are a few Singaporeans out there willing to take that chance and sacrifice their home space for a fellow Singaporean in crisis is definitely heartwarming.


Screenshot from FB comments
Screenshot from FB comments

Would you have bought the Snorlax from him? Let us know!

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