Najib’s App Needs A Serious Upgrade, Here’re The 8 Features It SHOULD Have

I’m sure most of you other probably have either tried out the Najib Razak app on your phone and some even may still have it running right now.

Well, after going through it myself, I realised that while I did enjoy the layout and the idea of having a person-of-interest’s social media platforms combined into one easy app, I will say that there are some features that are still lacking.

Disregarding the chat and interaction function the developers have stated in the description that hasn’t shown up, here are 8 other features I believe Najib Razak’s app should have but doesn’t.

1) Table of future events that Najib will be attending. 

Proposed name: Where’s Najib?

One of the key things that I had expected to be included in the app but wasn’t was a list of major events Najib would be attending. As the prime minister of our country, he has the responsibility of attending various events either locally or internationally.

So the idea of heaving a schedule table inserted into the app listing down the prominent and official events he will be at representing Malaysia to the world would allow us to keep proper tabs on his activities in his role as Prime Minister.

2) A trivia section about Najib.

Proposed name: Najib’s Fun Facts.

Any platform of an important figure would be slightly empty without the existence of a little section full of trivia regarding that person. It could even be done in a quiz format where users are able to test their own knowledge about just how much information they actually know about our Prime Minister.

This section could go into the eating habits he has that people may not know about or his favourite TV shows even. Wasn’t the point of the app to connect him with the nation better after all?

There is a Track Record section, but that’s mostly facts about his political career. The old-timey pictures are nice and a great blast of the past, but we want a more intimate glimpse of our PM.

3) Collection of news/media reporting about Najib.

Proposed name: Najib In The News

As with any politician, the media are constantly on the prowl for any form of updates or headlines they can cover about our Prime Minister. And with all these news popping up, some can easily be drowned by others so the idea of conglomerating them all onto one tab would make things a lot easier for consumption.

This section could also prove beneficial for any parties who may be doing research or studies about Najib that may require thorough reading of official press. Everything would already be made available for them in one specific tab. We can even include any international news sites that might be reporting on him there.

4) Quotes of the day from Najib.

Proposed name: Najib’s QotD

A nice little feature to have while booting up the app would be seeing some quotes or famous sayings by the Prime Minister himself or even from other inspirational sources he believes in. The idea of starting the app with a few motivational words for users to see would be a great initiative from the developers to lessen the gap between Najib and the nation.

To make it more interactive, the quotes could be displayed on visuals of himself that fit the theme for people to easily save and share with their friends to facilitate spreading the PM’s word around.

5) Najib’s personal recommendations.

Proposed name: Najib Recommends

He already has his blog featured on the app where he pens down his own thoughts and such but another interesting segment that could be added to that is a list of recommendations from Najib himself covering a variety of areas.

Whether it be a good book that he had recently read or a delicious meal he had come across during one of his travels that he’d wish to share with the users, I feel as though having this personal touch to the app would lessen the gap between Najib and the community significantly while also allowing for the nation to learn a little more about our Prime Minister and see him in a different light.

6) A podcast with Najib.

Proposed name: NajibTV

A common feature many celebrities use to connect with their fans more is through a podcast. A podcast essentially runs for as little as 5 minutes to 1 hour and it doesn’t have very frequent. I’m sure being the Prime Minister does have limited time because of his official duties and events but the idea that Najib could hold a podcast once every month or so to engage with the nation is compelling.

We’re unsure if this is what the Watch Live section of the app is for, but the theme or general idea of the podcast could even be decided by the users of the app through a simple poll. The developers could set up a poll every few weeks to give a few options for Najib to choose from. In fact, if many users seem to enjoy the idea so much, he could even bring on a few extra guests stars on to spice things up a little.

7) Adding our local languages.

It shouldn’t need a name, this should be part of the app’s settings, but we’ll call it: Najib’s Languages

Screenshot of the app in iOS store.
Screenshot of the app in iOS store.

One thing I’m sure many have noted is the fact that the available languages of the app included many foreign ones which I can say probably half of Malaysia won’t understand. It’s a little confusing as to why the app wasn’t made available for our three major languages used here which are Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, and Tamil.

The developers have to take into consideration that many of the users will be from Malaysia so preparing the app to be translated into the three major languages used in our country should have been implemented from the very beginning.

Here’s to hoping that the next update will include this feature.

Bonus 8) A Najib filter. 

Proposed name: My Bro Najib

C’mon, don’t deny it. The reason Snapchat got so popular was the filters that were exclusively available on the app. So, as a fun little initiative from the developers, imagine having a Najib filter that was designed in a way where the photo would superimpose Najib (and even Rosmah) standing next to you. Imagine the photos that could come out of that.

If not, why not a filter that switches your face with his, similar to the FaceSwap function in Snapchat. You know that would be the next big trend on Instagram for Malaysians.

A side note to the developers: If you like our ideas, feel free to take them and implement them into the app. We look forward to seeing these improvements in the future.

What are your suggestions that would make the Najib Razak app better? Let us know in the comments below!

You can download the Najib Razak app on the Apple Store here and the Google Play Store here.

Feature Image Credit: Compiled from medan-info-kita.blogspot.com & Apple Store

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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