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The tech industry is changing right before our eyes.

In the past, the jobs with which the highest prestige had been attached were those with lawyer or medicine in their titles. Stockbrokers and hedge funds managers were the ones who raked in the big money, despite the infamous crash of 2008.

In contrast, people who worked with computers were ‘nerds’. These were the people destined to be relegated in the back offices, never to see the light of day.

How the world has changed.

In terms of media coverage, it was only the major leaguers who dominated headlines, names like Apple and Apple.

However, tech-based companies have been steadily sneaking up on every one of us.

Just a mere decade ago, Exxonmobil and General Electric dwarfed everyone else in term of financial value, ranking at #1 and #2 of the world’s most valuable companies.

The only tech company within the Top 5 was Microsoft.

Image Credit: Weforum
Image Credit: Weforum

Here we are 10 years later, and ExxonMobil is the only one left standing.

And in terms of career preferences, tech companies have also become much more prominent than before.

Image Credit: Greatplacetowork
Image Credit: Greatplacetowork

A quick glance shows you that 6 of those are tech companies. Contenders were selected based on work cultures and friendly environments, as opposed to their specialisation.

But still, there is something to be said about the strong concentration of tech-based companies.

Should I Be Working In A Tech Company?

If we are just focusing on monetary remuneration, there are certainly perks. The Straits Times pushed out an article announcing that positions in big data and FinTech are the newest money pots.

In IT, program managers can expect salaries between $11k – $14k and digital marketers, $6k – $10k.

But what other bonuses can we expect?

#1. Not All Tech Firms Want Tech Experts

Image Credit: regiscareerdevelopment
Image Credit: regiscareerdevelopment

CEOs of tech companies have publicly made their interest in arts graduates known.

Steve Jobs once noted that in order for technology to be truly brilliant, it has to be married with artistry. And surprise, surprise. He’s not the only one with this stance.

Steve Yi, CEO of MediaAlpha attributes his success to a background in East Asian Studies. His interdisciplinary study in Asian literature complemented what was learnt in Asian politics, awarding him a truly dynamic outlook on technology

#2. You Don’t Need To Be A Tech Expert

If you’re from this day and age, chances are you know how to navigate a smartphone and a laptop. Sure that might not be enough, but you can learn.

No one jumps into a job knowing how to tackle every aspect. Everyone has to start somewhere at the bottom. Yes, it will be difficult, but imagine the number of people you’ll be able to impress when you design your own app. Or come up with your own reversible umbrella.

Oh wait, that’s already been done. But you get my drift.

The amazing thing about technology is that it. Is. Everywhere. Literally. You do not need to travel far to learn something new.

Chances are, the people sitting around you already has tidbits to share if you would just ask them.

#3. Creating

If you’re Singaporean, or have been in Singapore long enough, it is likely that you’ve done a career survey before. Because those suckers are simply everywhere.

How often have you heard someone saying that salary was no longer their priority? I dare you to say never. It is simply the truth of the millennial workforce; we value so many other things above the raw money numbers.

Being in tech will give you that chance to break free with your own designs. Tech is all about innovation. This means that you will not have to stick to what’s already there but rather, what you can come up with.

It’s all about leaving your legacy behind.

#4. No Job Shortages

Forget working in large MNCs. They might be stable but if you truly want to get involved, startups are the way to go. The effort level might be higher, but the payout (maybe not monetary) will be sweeter.

There is no dearth of up-and-coming startups in Singapore. You’ll truly have your pick of the lot.

#5. Ogle-Worthy Offices

Google, Zurich / Image Credit: officesnapshots.com
Image credits: ivldesign.com
Inventionland Design Factory, Pittsburgh, USA / Image Credit: ivldesign.com

What do all these offices have in common?

Yes, that’s right – they are all the workspaces of tech companies!

From Google to Inventionland Design Factory, these are the work spaces that most people can only dream about.

And what about in Singapore? Let’s keep those jaws from dropping.

Google Singapore
Google Singapore
Image Credit: Shout.sg
SapientNitro, Digital and marketing consulting agency / Image Credit: Shout.sg
Tripadvisor / Image Credit: Retaildesignblog

Seriously, maybe it’s time to reconsider our dream jobs.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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