4 Lessons In Entrepreneurship That We Can Learn From Startup Power Couples

In Singapore, increasingly high standards of living mean that it is common to find both partners in a relationship working to support each other. Yet the irony lies in that when a relationship breaks down, people lash out, claiming lack of quality time and commitment.

And then there are those couples who go on strong. Not only that, but they are more involved in each other’s lives, with deeper mutual reliance as compared to others.

These are our startup couples of the day.

The idea of working with your significant other might seem fun, especially when you’re able to be close during breaks. But what we’re looking at today is far more intense.

These partners work together to run companies which suddenly, doesn’t sound so fun when you think about the responsibilities. The stress of proper management, building clientele, marketing, publicity, capital… The list goes on.

And when things go south, sometimes there’s only the other to blame. But yet, some manage it. Not only is the business successful, but their relationships are also rock-solid.

So here are a few basic principles that we can learn from these Singaporean power couples.

But don’t worry, even if you’re flying free, they work too.

1. Find Someone You Can Trust

Image: Herworldplus
Image: HerWorldPLUS

You should all be aware of who Jaime Teo is by now.

One half of artisan treats Twelve Cupcakes, the Singaporean mum is an all-round superstar. But Teo’s success did not come easy. Facing problems with her newborn daughter, she also had to juggle the growing of her second child, Twelve Cupcakes.

On talking about her success, she attributes a lot of it to her business and life partner Daniel Ong, about whom she remarked:

“I know I can depend on him, no matter what.”

It’s simple and concise, but it conveys a lot about what builds a strong dynamic between two individuals, couple or not.

Image Credit: HerWorldPLUS
Image Credit: HerWorldPLUS

Trust in your partner, business or otherwise, is something we cannot do without. Anyone who knows anything about being independent also knows that it also involves a lot of loneliness.

If you are almost every millennial out there, chances are you’ve spent a lot of your life relying on yourself to make you happy and safe. We have friends and partners we trust, but how much of your happiness are you actually relinquishing over to them?

Every one of us will have reservations about giving in on more personal issues. But that does not mean that we should be stubborn about it, and learn to let (some things) go.

2. Surround Yourself Around Those Willing To Take The Leap Of Faith With You

Image Credit: Businesstimes
Image Credit: The Business Times

Khairul Amri Sidik and Siti Nadzirah Hassan co-founded Picneeds, a service that caters to setting up themed outdoor picnics.

Originally a past-time, it evolved into a business quickly, but despite the passion, Siti had the usual worries of failure. However, it was only after seeing how her better half was willing to give up his career that she eventually took the plunge into a full-time commitment.

And they managed to make it work.

Image Credit: Straitstimes
Image Credit: The Straits Times

Passion only takes you so far. Being willing to invest in it is what makes someone successful.

Pulling at straws may sound crazy, so sometimes we need someone who’s willing to take our hand and jump with us. They will argue with you, but at the same time they will also spur you along.

Surround yourself with people who are willing to take that leap of faith with you, and even what seemed like a pipe dream will be in your hands before you even know it.

3. Never Give Up Even When There Are Tribulations

Roomorama website

Roomorama professionally-manages accommodation units and has a reach of over 5000 locations.

Run by Frederico Folcia and Teo Jia En, the platform addresses the lack of trust pertaining to room rentals. Getting started was arduous, but the real shit-storm had yet to come. Within months, the pair was sued by someone who wanted to be a partner and the court issues dragged on for 2 years, during which business was heavily impacted.

Throughout the period, the couple doggedly held on to their dreams, supporting each other throughout, and it was only with this that they managed to weather the storm.

Image Credit: Elance

Failure comes to all of us, and there will be times when your problems might seem to be most dire. Many might choose to give in and give up, and it is also these people who do not come out stronger than ever.

Tribulations do not only break you. They also make you.

4. Success is 1% Passion, 99% Effort

Image Credit: Lunch Actually

Lunch Actually is easily Singapore’s largest and most successful dating agency today.

But did you know that when they first started, founders Violet Lim and Jamie Lee could not even find a decent office space? Many landlords refused to lease space to them upon learning that they were a dating agency, for fear of any iffy, or even sleazy business involved.

The couple also had to work with many naysayers, including their respective parents as at that point in time, starting up was almost unheard of.

Violet, Jamie and their children / Image Credit: Lunch Actually
Violet, Jamie and their children / Image Credit: Lunch Actually

You might have the passion, but if you’re willing to let it be drowned out by all the opposing voices, chances of your success will not be very high.

Winners need to have the strength to break past these walls, and when they do, we promise that the satisfaction of being able to flaunt share your success with those non-believers will be so sweet.

Not Just For Couples

Just like romantic relationships, business relationships are equally important – especially when parties involved are in it for the long haul.

Are there any lessons you’ve learnt from your personal life that you also apply to your professional undertakings? Let us know!

Featured Image Credit: Yahoo Finance, Elance, DanielFoodDiary, Channel NewsAsia

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